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Monday, March 26, 2007

Should I be worried?

I haven't had much of any pregnancy "symptoms" lately, except for some cramps. There's some complete exhaustion but no real nausea. I guess it could just be the calm before the storm and I may be in for a real "treat" when it really begins to kick in. That's what happened last time. In fact, I'll probably look back and think "What was I thinking!" So no need to worry, right? Of course, I am probably "manufacturing craziness" and needlessly worrying and probably will for quite a while. But I just got all my maternity clothes back that I had lent out and I had forgotten all of what was in there! The rush of memories just came flooding back! It'll be a while till I fit in those, anyway, but I'm actually looking forward to it. I had some fun stuff! (For maternity-wear, that is). Some of it even has sparkles! Which is always a plus. It just reminded me how much I loved being pregnant the first time around. I really hope this continues, happily and healthily. I also want to say thanks to everyone who emailed me and commented with your kind thoughts and words!! Thank you so much!

Anyway, it was a nice day today at home. I feel like Poops and I have these little bonding sessions now that he's getting older and his little personality is coming out. He has a bit of a nose dribbly lately, and as I sat there on the floor wiping it off, I thought to myself, "you know you're a mom when you wipe some boogers off another human being with your sleeve and you don't think twice about it."

Then at some point during the day, I looked over at Poops who had his entire mouth on a roll of toilet paper and was biting into it like he was eating an apple. That, along with our normal morning "hiding in the curtains" and chasing the cat around the house, and it was a banner day.

This all was after we had a fiesta trying out new cups for this whole weaning from the bottle thing. So, things we found out:
-Will drink formula out of a) bottle and b) messy cup with no top but not c) any kind of sippy cup, ever.
-However, will drink cow's milk (I know, not till a year, but I only tried a tiny bit!) or water out of sippy cup, happily. This will be good because he'll be off formula soon.
-Most successful venture: cup with no top on it. He loves this and slurps his way through the whole thing. However, it's the messiest venture. He only gets about half in his mouth. The rest goes down his neck and onto his shirt, thus requiring bath.
-Least successful venture: the sippy cup with the spout that you have to suck like an asthma inhaler to get anything out of. He didn't "get" it until mommy tried it and got a mouth full of formula. Yeesh.
Anyway, here's the cup montage:

The Candidates
The Winner

The Mess


AnnaMary said...

hahahha how cute!

Robin said...

RELAX girl..just because you aren't puking your guts out, does not indicate that there is a problem! Every time is different, you may end up doing just great and not feeling sick at all! Don't count those prego clothes out so fast, I bet you will be in there sooner than you think! Guaranteed alot sooner than the last time!:)
I know the sippy cup dilema..just go with the mess. They get the hang of it! Someday soon you will be searching frantically for a #$^F* lid..you'll be thinking..where did the lid go? I have no lids! Now I have to go and buy a new $%#&( expensive sippy cup because I've lost the lid...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's tough for mommy to have to drink the formula! Yuk!