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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fashion Idol

Yummy! The outfits on American Idol tonight were absolutely spectacular! I feel like bizarro-Joan Rivers, the one who gives out compliments. Lakisha's little geisha dress and hot "f-me" boots, as we like to call them, were simply dee-lish! Loved her song, too, a Donna Summer classic that my mom and I used to dance around the living room to while playing her Donna Summer records. (Yes, records, I'm that old). It brought back memories. HOT dress, though. Seriously.

Chris Sligh, eh. Bo-ring. Gina in her gorgeous dress which reminded me a little of a really tight Hot-Pocket sleeve, but oddly enough, I do mean that as a compliment! Loved the dress and the song. Melinda Dolittle, I know you're not as surprised as you look when you get compliments, lady! You know you're that good! (Hot dress too, and don't listen to that "fashionista" Simon Cowell, he makes me gag with his chicken chest and open shirt, or his signature tight black shirts where you can actually see his man-nipples. Ick.)

Haley also had a hot dress on, it was seriously "hot dress" night on Idol. These girls just looked fab. Again, I say this with a staunch record of heterosexuality, as George Costanza would say. Her song though, bo-ring. Same with Blake, sorry. Thank you, Dr. Evil, for wearing your hat! Even Phil Stacy looked good tonight, covering up that "bald cap-head" of his with a lovely crochet number. I guess it's not quite the hat I'd have chosen, but it'll do. It's a hat. Song was great, though! Chris is such a cutie, it was a darned shame he was in the bottom two last week, but I think going last in the lineup this week will help him. By the way, off-topic, one of my favorite things about watching Idol with my tone-deaf husband who can't carry a tune is when he proclaims that a singer is all "pitchy" with their song. It's like a mechanic saying a figure skater didn't quite stick her triple-toe-loop. It's funny, honey! I'm laughing WITH you!!

Sanjaya and his hair. The faux-hawk was just plain weird as we've come to expect from Sanjaya. I feel like he's an Indian-version of William Hung who should just give up and sing "She Bang", already. We won't even say that Sanjaya will be in the bottom three this week. He will be back next week. And the next. He just won't go away. I am sure now that he has the entire Indian outsourcing call-center vote and will remain in the competition for a while. Unfortunately. He has fans. En mass. Somewhere.

Oh yeah, Jordin. Has anyone noticed how giant she looks next to a tiny cowering Ryan? She's just a tall girl and Ryan looks so peensy standing next to her. It's quite funny seeing them together. I didn't really like her song, "Hey Baby", and usually I love her to death. I thought the song was a little too R&B-Diva-ey and it didn't really match, but the judge's seemed to like it so what do I know? Like I always say, everyone's a critic from their couch, in the comfort of their own living room while stuffing their pie-holes with peanut-butter-cup frozen yogurt! OK that's just me. Hey, I'm eating for two!


AnnaMary said...

i really wish there was a magazine somewhere that you could do their weekly Idol commentary. This is hysterical!!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You feel like bizarro Joan Rivers? I thought we had the bizarro version!

scribbit said...

I missed the episode and now you've got me curious to see pictures, I'll have to Google them.

Skittles said...

LOL.. great post. I give up on thinking we'll be rid of Sanjaya!