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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Idle Idol

I hate to say it, but Idol tonight was as Simon would say, "ghastly", of course pronounced "gosssstly" in his British tone. There are no likeable idols! Actually, that's a lie, there are two or three, like Melinda Dolittle, despite the disappearance of her neck, and the rocker chick who I am rooting for, and Laquisha and Jordin.

Quick recap on Diana Ross night. First guy, Brandon, backup singer by day, backup singer by night. Forgot the words and danced like he was singing backup for himself. Melinda Dolittle rocked out, so did the rocker chick with the red stripe in her hair.

Big guy with big hair (above) usually makes me laugh, but this week his hair matched Diana Ross's and he did a terrible, fast version of Endless Love. Sanjaya, ooooooh, poor little Indian kid is having an inner sexuality conflict (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Cute kid, but dude looks like a lady. Haley, hot dress, girl! But you forgot the words too! Tsk tsk. (Easy for me to say, sitting on my Lazyboy in the comfort of my own home, right?). Phil, the bald guy, yikes! Great song, but it struck me mid-song that he has a striking resemblance to Dr. Evil.

No hat=bad. Needs a hat. Like the hat. Keep the hat. Lakisha, another rocking performance! Blake, the cute little beatboxing hottie, sang "Set me free why don't you babe" with what sounded like a Casio keyboard in the background. Wah. Last few were good, Stephanie, Chris and last, Jordin, one of my favorites. But there are no real standouts this season, which almost makes me not care about the show and I love the show! This week, it's seriously a six-way tie on who could go home.

On another very serious note.. how do I look as an M&M?


Robin said...

Awesome post woman! ha ha Dr. Evil..I was thinking he was cute until now! I am also rooting for Laquisha and Jordan..she total rocks it out everytime. Melinda..no neck..yes! You and I would be great friends, I tell ya! I am finally getting your books in the mail today..they have been done for a few days, but I had to show them off to people! ha ha!
They should be there in about 3 days..get your journaling pen ready! :)

Robin said...

ps..you look fab as an m & m..I hope i will be a green one..and peanut...

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Great post!

Phil - I liked his singing last night, but then again I am a Dr. Evil fan of the worst kind.

I like the Dolittle chick when she sings but her coy shyness when she is interviewed after the song is getting a little tiresome. I think it's a bit of an act. She should be excuding a bit more confidence by now otherwise it comes off as fake! fake! ... fake! fake! (To quote Elaine from Seinfield describing when she faked her orgasms with Jerry).

Hair guy - ewwwww! Was he bad last night! Sanjaya - time to go bye bye already.

I usually end up blogging during AI because it is a bit of a bore this season. *yawn*

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog BTW. *smiles coyly* (but not like Doolittle chick)

Pen said...

I so agree with you on this season! I like Blake, Chris R, and Gina. I do think Melinda and Lekisha are excellent. They just don't sing my style.

I think I am rootin for Gina as well! No one has won my heart like Mr Daughtry did with the first note he sang last season! :)

Steven said...

Oh good! Someone I can share my secret American Idol addiction with. But isn't it hideous how bad they suck this year? I'm with you...Melinda, Lakisha. And Sanjaya just keeps sailing through! There must be millions of screaming young girls only waiting to be disappointed by his later coming out...But I'd give anything for that perfect smile and glinting (is that a word?) eyes. :-)