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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Christie Needs...

OK, this is really funny so I had to do it. I saw this over at "My 20 Cents Keep Moving". All you have to do is google "your name needs" and see what comes up in the search. I tried it and it was funny, here's my list (try it too! If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged!) Plus I like any opportunity to refer to myself in third person without sounding obnoxious.

1. Christie needs money badly. (Uh, Shah! Of course she does! She needs more diaper bags and shoes and purses!)
2. Christie needs another operation. (Actually, she does! She needs to repair her non-existent ACL by transplanting tissue in there. The rehab is at least 6 months. Who has time for that!!)
3. Christie needs to grow a pair. (Hahaha!!)
4. Christie needs to lighten up. (Fine!)
5. Christie needs to watch his words. (Uh oh. Christie's now a "he".)
6. Christie needs your help, she is in deep trouble and all that she is doing is standing up for your freedom.
7. Christie needs some luck. (Could use some for that money thing in #1).
8. Christie needs to buy a clue. (Boy there are a lot of negatives in here!)
9. Christie needs no introduction. (Ah ha! That's a good one.)
10. Christie needs more contributors. (Ooh! A perfect plug for my fundraising efforts! Feel free to sponsor me and support the March of Dimes! March of Dimes March of Dimes Rah Rah Rah!)

Your turn!


Leslie said...

Ooh those are great! Love it!

(My Twenty Cents...)

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

You can borrow my pair. My husband said that mine are big and made out of brass for the knock I just made on my blog.. LOL

Twisted Cinderella said...

That is too much fun! I love it!

Skittles said...

I've seen this done before.. maybe I'll get brave and give it a try.. soon.