"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Saturday, December 16, 2006



1. I love rice and ketchup with lots of butter. And I'm not afraid to say it.
2. I was born with blond hair and now I have brown. Well now it's reddish-brown but that's not my natural color. (shhh).
3. I love music so much, it's one of the things I turn to in times of stress and sheer happiness. Subsequently, I love my IPod and I have given way too much money to I-Tunes. I guess it's a small price to pay for your own personal commercial-free radio station.
4. I flooded a car once. It rained so hard and the drainage on this one particular road was apparently very bad. The water rose, my car stalled, and my sister and I tried to push the car out of the water in our short skirts and platforms. We were on the way to the mall.
5. I cry at very unexpected times. Yes, those Folgers holiday commercials do it to me, when the soldier comes home. But sometimes just when I'm looking at my husband and son playing together. Or when I'm watching a particularly moving music video.
6. I have become much more emotional since having a baby.
7. I am someone's mom. Isn't that completely nuts??? I still feel like I'm 5 years old myself.
8. A teacher once blackmailed me into *not* talking in her class, but I was so stressed out, I blew the lid off it myself and told my parents and my parents told her off.
9. I always talked too much in class.
10. I can go into laughing fits over absolutely nothing, and laugh for at least 30 minutes. Hysterically until I'm crying and my stomach hurts and I can't breathe.
11. I used to be obsessed with crop circles and was on the crop circle e-mailing list. I drove out to see a few that "cropped" up in Utah. It was pretty cool.
12. I love traditions. I love having Thanksgiving at my house. I love having a real Christmas tree. I love watching "It's a Wonderful Life" while we're decorating it.
13. I'm very random and love spontaneity, which puzzles me that I am also such a traditionalist.
14. I've had lots of boyfriends. I've only ever loved 2. One is my husband.
15. I'm lucky.
16 My husband is so much like me, sometimes I think I married myself with a "hoo-hoo-dilly".
17. I love my Jeep Wrangler. I have never taken the hard top off to ride with the wind in my hair. Isn't that blasphemous?
18. I love "big people" shoes. That's what my husband calls all my shoes. They are tall. I am not.
19. My family growing up consisted of my mom, my dad, myself, and my sister whose 7 years younger than I am. We are all ridiculously close. I love that.
20. I can quote entire movies. Karate Kid I &II. Tommy Boy. The Little Mermaid. You've Got Mail. Titanic. There are more. The only person who can watch these with me is my sister because she can do it too and everyone else gets pissed off.
21. I was on the 5 year plan in college.
22. I miss living in a state with seasons. I love the cold weather and bundling up and turtle necks and big puffy coats and cute long sexy coats, and tall boots, and hats and scarves and gloves and the smell of wood burning fireplaces and seeing my breath in the cold air.
23. I am really good at reading people. I mean really good. I can tell if someone's lying by the look on their face (usually the lip quiver) and I can tell if my mom isn't feeling good in just one note on the phone. I can tell when a guy is or isn't interested. I can tell when someone's mad even though they say they're not. Facial expressions and body language are a much bigger giveaway than people think.
24. I've done Thanksgiving for two years in a row and I still can't make gravy. I will be practicing this in '07.
25. I love beverages. If I were stranded on a desert island and could only ask for one worldly item, it would be unlimited beverages. With ice and a straw. Does that make three items?
26. I hate when people write checks at a store. I didn't realize people still did it but for some reason it makes me crazy to be behind them in the checkout line.
27. My feet seem to make my shoes stinky. It's an unfortunate curse.
28. I love blue water in my toilet.
29. I firmly believe cheese makes everything taste good.
30. I used to like my steak well. Now I like it medium rare. I am a carnivore. Roar.
31. It's much easier than I thought to write 100 things about myself.
32. I love to sleep. I don't get enough of it.
33. My husband proposed to me at a vineyard in Napa Valley. It was like a fairytale. We stayed at a bed and breakfast, rode the Wine Train, went on a hot air balloon ride, and toured lots of vineyards and drank lots of wine.
34. I discovered my passion for tv news in high school.
35. I've been a journalist for 10 years, and have worked at 2 local tv stations, FOX News Channel, and The Associated Press.
36. My career took me to New York City and Utah and I had the best time at both.
37. I came back to Florida to marry my college sweetheart.
38. I'm a stay at home mom now.
39. My first job ever was at a drive-thru window at Checkers.
40. I got "my friend", "Aunt Flow", when I was 10 and had no idea what it was. The school nurse asked me if I knew how to wear a belt. I still don't know what that means.
41. I once almost had a warrant out for my arrest. Not for anything really bad. I failed to pay a speeding ticket I got in another county and they sent me a "notice". My dad found it. By the way, the officer who pulled me over, pulled in front of me, and behind another car, and slowly pulled us *both* over at the same time. Very effective maneuver.
42. When I'm at work, I love the adrenaline rush of breaking news.
43. When I'm at home, the news depresses me.
44. I had baby boy who was 6 weeks premature but he's perfectly healthy now.
45. I majored in Political Science in college because I thought it would be more useful in my industry than broadcasting. I was right.
46. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
47. I'm a Virgo and a Republican.
48. I need lipstick. Yes, I'm one of those people who wear lipstick at the gym. I know, I know. But I really can't leave the house without it. I can barely be IN the house without it.
49. My out of the country experiences include Germany (once), and if these count which I'm not sure they do: Canada, St. Lucia, and 3 cruises worth of ports.
50. I want to travel more.
51. I want to have more babies. I am even thinking 2 or 3 more. Isn't that crazy? I think it would be fun to have an O'Sullivan Team.
52. I think I may have captured a ghost screaming on audio tape once when I was interviewing a psychic. It's chilling. I've played it for a ton of people. I'm not kidding. It's scary.
53. I saw Jerry Seinfeld do stand-up twice. He's my favorite. Once was in a bar in New York by accident. He was there to practice his upcoming Letterman appearance.
54. He almost ran over my friend with his black Porsche as she crossed the street. She was excited about it.
55. It is confirmed that I have seen every Seinfeld episode, most of them multiple times, and can name its theme within one minute of its beginning.
56. I love Levis jeans, Short, Bootcut.
57. I am mostly hairless. It's the "Indian" genes. I grow hair on my legs and arms, but it's blond and takes forever to grow. Sweet.
58. I am Native American (Mohawk), Finnish, Ukrainian, and German.
59. My Indian name is "Bright Star".
60. My son's Indian name is "Little Fire". It's also what his name means in Gaelic. It really couldn't be more fitting.
61. I have a complex about my appearance. (Shocking, I know.)
62. Cars that I have been through: Escort Pony (first car), Hyundai Sonata, Nissan Sentra, Miata convertible, Jeep Wrangler.
63. I love river rafting. I once took a bus from New York City to upstate by myself, stayed at a bed and breakfast (by myself) and took a cab to the rapids because I so badly needed to escape the city (I didn't own a car in New York). The guide drove me back to my bus stop.
64. I worked in New York City during 9/11. It was life changing.
65. I needed Zanax to fly in a plane for a long while afterward. Oddly, I always loved to eat cheese danish after taking a Zanax.
66. I can't keep my bedroom clean. I am a somewhat messy person, but have been much better at keeping the "common areas" clean since becoming pregnant. But my bedroom is still a lost cause.
67. I HATE folding laundry. I can wash it all day. But once it's done, it stays in big heaps on my bed, and then it eventually turns back into dirty laundry.
68. I blast the music in my car and sing at the top of my lungs.
69. I love love love karaoke. I haven't done it in 2 years, I can't even believe it!
70. I got sick in college once off "Gold Wasser", a cheap version of Goldschlager and now I can't even stand the smell of Goldschlager and very barely cinnamon anything.
71. I tried the "online dating" thing. I gave myself 3 dates. They were all freaks. I abandoned the online dating practice.
72. I LOVE PEEPS! Every size, shape, believe it or not they even have 4th of July Peeps, and let me tell you, I pledge allegiance to the Peep.
73. I wore a belt with a sweater in the 80's and I never will again. I thought that was one of the fashion bad ideas that we left behind.
74. I am a sucker for 80's music.
75. My husband and I met at a club in college on 80's night 10 years ago.
76. We once flew in a plane with both Hulk Hogan and the priest who married us. They were not together, and it was a complete coincidence, but to this date, I have never felt so secure on a plane in my life.
77. I am 31 years old.
78. I have loved writing since being introduced to the book report in the 4th grade.
79. I have started writing 2 novels. One I have high hopes for actually finishing one day.
80. I have written one children's book and am trying to figure out what to do to send it to someone to look at.
81. I thought I would miss work more than I do. Maybe I will someday.
82. I love making up words and finding other ways to use existing words in a sentence. How's your coffee? Frothy. How do you feel today? Absolutely frothy.
83. I hate spiders and I moved into a house infested with them. Thankfully, it's not anymore. I feel like throwing up just thinking about it. {shudder}
84. I love crab legs! I have a friend who used to go to all-you-can-eat crab legs buffets with me and we'd eat so much crab that we'd wait for that "clear your stomach burp" and continue eating crab legs.
85. I love the ocean and fresh water but I only like rivers and lakes north of Florida because rivers and lakes in Florida contain alligators and I am afraid of them.
86. Working in news has magnified my paranoia in life 100-fold. I can always picture something going tragically wrong, and then I make up the story in my head written in news-form.
87. I am really starting to get annoyed at how politically correct we are these days.
88. I love to kayak with my dad.
89. I love baseball. My favorite team is the Mets, but I'll watch the cute Yankees play too.
90. I ran one race in life and it was a 5k in Utah. I did not come anywhere close to winning.
91. I am Catholic and I should go to church more.
92. I am a cat person and a little dog person, because I like little doggie kisses rather than big, sloppy doggie kisses.
93. I am afraid of death. The very idea of it is so much bigger than I am and I feel claustrophobic when I think about it. I think that if we died and we never got to see the people we love so much on earth ever again for the rest of infinity, life would have been a terrible cruel joke.
94. I believe in God and I believe that we will get to see everyone we love so much here on earth again one day.
95. If I lost everything and still had my family and my friends, I would still have everything.
96. I have a small chest, but I had spectacular cleavage when I was pregnant. Sweet!
97. I was the Sophomore class treasure and Junior Class Vice President in high school.
98. I played the flute in the marching band and made Varsity softball as a Freshman and my band geekiness and my jockness worlds collided.
99. I tried out for the boy's baseball team when I was a Freshman. I didn't make it, so I played Varsity softball instead.
100. I try as much as I can to always be that "happy" person and usually succeed at it. I'd rather find the funny in everything and usually everything has something funny in it.


Robin said...

Holy CRAP! That must have taken you forever to type all of that! We DO have tons in common. Maybe I will do a 100 post sometime, although I am long past my 100th post..I'm at about 465 I think...
Love crab legs, love 80's music, have been an exchange student in Germany, dream of authoring a book someday, used to have a small chest-just have a couple kids, anything is possible,am a happy, happy crack you up kinda person..

Christie said...

I'm new at this (20 posts?) but seem to have lots in common with Christie and Robin. (My name is also Christie -- same spelling. That's how I found your blog.) Anyway, I've been an exchange student to Japan and dream of writing a book. Check out my blog at bellyacrefarm.blogspot.com

You're great! Fun blog!

-- Christie H.

ciara said...

lmao @ #40 the belt has been long gone before our days, but i still remember em (i'm 40) it's kinda like a garter but it holds the napkins in place. no sticky backsides back in those days..just long ends you had to strap thru that thing. and that tells you that the nurse was hella old! lol