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Monday, March 12, 2007

Moving Day Part I

I just got back from our moving extravaganza in Washington, D.C. and I feel like a cartoon character with the X's over its eyes and the bluebirds swirling around its head. Not because of the move, actually, but because of the trip back, a flight ordeal-slash-cancellation-slash-lost bags-which I'll save for another post. The move was actually pretty tame. There were movers, which meant extra man-hands, so we mopped up what the movers didn't, painted the place back to white and got my sister moved into her new condo. The best part about it all was not the fact that somewhere along the way, I lost my driver's license and had to have my husband overnight Fed-Ex me my passport, but that my sister's husband, whom we shall call "Old Man", who is serving in Iraq right now, was with us helping every step of the way. A post which can best be told by pictures.

This is him moving the freezer, and the part where he's yelling "I'm the king of the worrrrrld!!" (By the way, his picture is in the little gummy guy).

Getting ready to dig into those boxes and get them outta there!

Helping our dad move the mattress.

Taking a much-needed hydration break.

Moving the TV. Very ambitious.


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let me guess, you flow USAir

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