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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First Birthday and Cocktail Hour

So I've been spending a lot of time the past couple weeks researching "first birthdays" (yes, actually researching-I'm new to the kid birthday thing!) being that Poops' is turning one in about three weeks. I've finally got the theme and the place and after the flop that was trying to make the invitations, I think I've actually got one made that is actually pretty cute. I am really trying to be creative with his birthday without going over the top. (Keep repeating: he's not even going to remember it!) But trying to find that balance is hard. I don't want to be chintzy because it is my first child's first birthday and his first birthday is really a milestone not only because it just is, but it's the first birthday of my preemie. And it sort of marks the long way we all came, completely unscathed. It really is cause for a celebration!! (High fives all around!) But at the same time, I have seriously been doing my homework on ideas for parties, and man are there are some moms who really go all out! And then I think, boy am I a cheapskate lame excuse for a mom! Like the one who rented out a hall and had it catered and invited 140 people, but the fact that there was a cocktail hour beforehand is really what did it for me. What??? So I'm guessing that having his birthday at my house with paper plates and hot dogs on the grill wouldn't fly with her. Or the mom in the line at the grocery store who had an entire petting zoo brought over, along with clowns, and ponies for her son's first birthday. I don't know. Not to be judgemental of course, I mean, it is Lent and all, but I guess because I have 40 people in my life that I could possibly invite, and only about 8 of them are kids, means for me that buying the circus for the party won't really work and maybe I have somewhat of a warped view of a birthday party. Maybe one day I'll consider purchasing Noah's Ark because that number will one day be 40 people and more than half will be kids. But I just don't know that many kids. I know 8 and four of them are just shy of one. So here it is, and it will have to work. We're going on a jungle safari. (Inspired by the Fisher Price Animal Train-his favorite toy-thanks Aunt Clairanne!). Kids are getting safari hats and binoculars and Poops will be dressed like Jack Hannah. We're going to have it at a pavillion at this really pretty tree-ful park along the bay which will be great for the theme. There will be "jungle juice". My mom and I were on the phone for hours excitedly shouting all sorts of ideas at each other. "We can get dad to make a fake Jeep for everyone to sit in for pictures!" "And we can make an animal chasing it!" "And we can use mosquito netting and make chalk outlines of paw prints on the sidewalk!" Anyway, I think this will be really fun. I'm still working out the menu. But I'm curious, what were some of your birthday party ideas?? I would love to know!! Do tell!


Sparky Duck said...

nope, im out

Tammie Jean said...

Your idea sounds great. Really, unless you have a lot of little kids coming, the first birthday is really a celebration for the whole family, kids and adults. As you said, it's a milestone that everyone will want to celebrate. It sounds like you have a lovely location, and having a theme (yours is really cute) is helpful for decorations, invitations, and the birthday cake. Otherwise, keep it low-key so you can enjoy the day too.

My daughter's first birthday (and second birthday too) were simple celebrations with family and friends (all moms and dads invited with the kids) and lots and lots of balloons (kids love balloons).