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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why can't I jumprope?

Isn't this supposed to be easy? Don't young children, the elderly, and boxers do this without complication? Even the sumo wrestlers on Celebrity Fit Club make it look easy. I remember doing this as a kid but I don't remember being this embarrassed when I did it. So I picked up the jumprope at Stroller Fit class yesterday thinking I would be nothing less than Rocky training for my next big fight. We had to jump rope for a minute. How hard could that be? What I turned out to be was the jumproping equivalent of Elaine dancing, with tiny kicks and some random galloping. The rope would go so slow around me, that it would get all floppy and snag on my back foot on the way up so that I'd have to stop every 10 seconds and start the ridiculous display all over again. I stunk so bad at jumproping that I had to stop BEFORE the minute was up, and jump in place real fast. Like you would do with an invisible jumprope. I looked over and Aidan was covering his eyes, pretending not to know me in front of new potential baby friends. Task for today: buy jumprope and practice within privacy of own home so as not to make fool of self again in front of other moms.

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Anonymous said...

Know what you mean, I can't seem to time my jumps/have just a little foot jump. I always wind up jumping 2-3 feet up in the air and then fumbling trying to not crunch my spine over. I think I managed 10 one time. I recently destroyed my rope in a fit of rage and decided to just stick to jogging.