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Monday, October 16, 2006

I Heart Auntie Anna

When I used to live in New York and Salt Lake and I would come down to visit, I'd fly in for a whirlwind weekend and try to fit everything in, seeing all my family, my husband-to-be and my friends. For my family, the weekend was exhausting. Like a tornado blowing through. Now, it's my sister's turn. "Auntie Anna" came home for a little R&R (or as we call it, a little "energy") while her husband's away on deployment. Whenever our family's apart for too long, our "energy" gets depleted and we say we need a fill-up and the missing member of the family makes it back to complete the circle and we're good for a little while until our energy runs out again. My relationship with my sister is the exception, not the norm, and as I get older I see that more. We're so close we say that we're actually from the same egg, she just incubated seven years longer. Anyway, it was a successful weekend. We had a tea party at our mom's house, she got to see her baby nephew, we had a big huge baby-fest bbq with all the family babies, and we even got to go out and party. Today, I slept all day. I don't have the stamina of my youth.



Anonymous said...

The Kid Fest! I want to say how wonderful it is that now my children have cousins and friends around the same age. Just think of the holidays coming. At one time it was about us, now it's about our children and our friends children. We need more of these great days. The days,weeks,months go by so quick we need to cherish them as much as we can. I <3 U JOY

AnnaMary said...

Joyanna-do you know it took me a good ten minutes and two seperate viewings to realize that - <3 - was a heart!!
Maybe my face should be pictured in the Babyfest 2006 photo! hahahaha
I love our family!!!