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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloweeny!!!

No more ghost house! We've finally been putting a lot of effort into the outside of our house because we wanted to have it presentable this year in time for our little trick-or-treaters. And not that we didn't want to work on the outside, but it's because of a comment from some neighborhood kids that made us hurry it up. Last year when we bought the house, I found out I was pregnant shortly afterward, so we were hammering away at the inside of the house to make it a "home" by the time poop was born. (It had lots of wallpaper, wood paneling, old carpet, the list goes on and on.) I had a severe case of "nesting". It took us a year to get it to where we liked it. This summer, my husband was outside doing something in the garage with the door up, when he saw a group of kids go by. He asked them if an umbrella that we found outside on our lawn belonged to them, and it did. When they rode off, he heard one of the little girls say "I have to tell Joey that it's NOT a ghost house! People actually live there!" How utterly embarrassing. My mom says they only said that because I built a graveyard outside last Halloween. But I knew the truth. Kids are brutally honest. I remember being a kid and having a "ghost house" in our neighborhood. Daring other kids to go up to it. I'm no dummy. But now, our house was the ghost house! I wanted to die. I knew that the outside was pretty bad (the previous owners had let it totally overgrow and the grass was pretty crappy, not to mention the paint on the house and the color). But I never thought it was that bad. I saw its potential! That's what girls do! Well that comment lit a fire under us, I could tell you that much right now. And except for the lawn, which is a work in progress, I'm proud to say our house isn't a ghost house this Halloween. So there. I wish we had the before. But here's the after.

Anyway, we'll be taking SuperPoop trick-or-treating (again) in a couple of hours, though he's cutting another tooth and it's been touch and go today. I'll post the pictures when we get back. Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen!!!!! Woooooooooooooooooooo! (That's my ghost imitation). That one goes out to you, Evan! Love you!


AnnaMary said...

that's the first picture that i can actually really see the house. it's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap! i can't believe how much different it looks painted and everything!!

Connie T. said...

Ahhhh.... the house looks great! You guys did a really good job.