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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

We just finished getting our house stucco'd and we're about to get it painted, among the millions of things we've had to do since we moved in last year. That's why I've decided to do..

1. Not being referred to as "the ghost house" by neighborhood kids anymore
2. Mounting debt and lots of 0% interest credit cards from home improvement, furniture, and carpet stores.
3. Getting your house out of the 1980's once and for all.
4. Not feeling like you're raising your child in a shanty house anymore and finally feeling like a worthy parent.
5. That is, until having to pay for college
6. Knocking one thing off the list means adding at least 20 more.
7. Starting and finishing a project is NEVER "that easy", even if it means something as simple-sounding as pressure-washing.
8. Spending the day trying to get motivated to start or finish a project.
9. Starting a project and then giving up, realizing it would have been better to call in the professionals in the first place, then being too lazy to call them and having the unfinished project sit for weeks and weeks.
10. Arguing with your spouse about whose way is the best way to start or finish said project.
11. The comments from visitors about how much you've done with the place.
12. Realizing that buying a fixer-upper is more fun for you than your non-handyman husband.
13. Putting together a growing list of things that we will definitely NOT want in our next house because of our newfound experiences with them...like skylights (that leak), wallpaper (that's permanently stuck to drywall), old carpet, popcorn ceilings, old wood paneling with hunters and ducks on it, fruit trees (spiders), and a crazy, Amazon-jungle-like backyard. In no particular order.

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Bubba said...

Yep...home improvement...the headache that never stops giving...hehehe

Great list! Happy TT!

The Little Woman said...

I have four words for you for number two.. The Dave Ramsey Show. LOL

Thanks for stopping by my TT...and yes it was a single pant leg. From those annoying unzippable pants...our almost six year old unzipped them both and I couldn't get them back on so I put them on DH's desk to do it...one has since disappeared.

Domestic Goddess said...

I love home improvement when someone else does the heavy dirty stuff. I am more into home decorating!

AnnaMary said...

Your 'shanty' house is beautiful!! I can't believe you both did the improvements yourselves! I'll know who to call when we move back down eventually! :)

metro mama said...

How true.

Chaotic Mom said...

I can identify with your list VERY MUCH! We've been married 15 years, have lived in 10 addresses. Home Improvement is fun and all, but sheesh! I've forgotten that soon enough we'll have to pay for college, too??????

I've posted 13 Scenes from My Chaotic Life, today. Enjoy! ;)

amy said...

fun stuff...love dave ramsey..need to listen to him and clark howard more often..we were working on the home until we started this adoption thing and now thats where the money goes

ren.kat said...

We are just getting ready to start renovation. I'm putting it off until the doors fall off their hinges.

Amanda said...

Here's to home improvements....it's never ending, isn't it?
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Chelle said...

I wouldn't be able to handle a home improvement project. My husband isn't handy at all and neither am I. Most likely we'd end up demolishing a house if we tried..lol Happy Thursday :)

Anthony said...

The Yellow Pages are my toolbox, so God Bless You with the home improvement deal. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Susan said...

Great list - brought back lots of memories - I spent my childhood amidst a swarm of renovation projects... good luck with whatever is next on your list :) Happy TT!

K T Cat said...

Starting and finishing a project is NEVER "that easy", even if it means something as simple-sounding as pressure-washing

Man, is that ever the truth!

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Brony said...

Home improvements...we're in the midst of it as well.