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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Finally Getting Somewhere

Yep! He's making it off the playmat and starting to get around, although that's really as far as he ever gets before he gets frustrated. But until then, he's all proud of himself. See below.

There's some movement there too, some teeth coming in on the bottom which was a really hard picture to take. I'm not sure if anyone else can see them. I can, but I know they're there. Maybe it's more like baby abstract art.
That's my little homey. I just hope he turns out more like Marky Mark than K-Fed.

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AnnaMary said...

Noooo!!!! I don't want him to crawl! Then he'll just be scrambling to get out of my arms and on the ground stat! He won't want to be held anymore! waaa waaaaaaa