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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sleeping In

OK. I know I'm supposed to be rejoicing that the boy is still sleeping right now. But I can't help but panic! Maybe it's a new day. Maybe in his little bald head, 8 is the new 5. Maybe it's because he had a rough day yesterday and I should chalk it up to exhaustion. Or the nice cool weather, I woke up and it was 69 in our room! I love it!! Anyway, I've already been in to check on him 3 times since 7 o'clock. Usually he's in bed by 8, and wakes up sometime around 5 then goes right back down until 8 or 9. Today, he's still sleeping! It's not even like I can go back to sleep happily because I'll hear a stir and think, "is this it? is he up?" Then it won't be and I'll lay down again. Then I'll hear another stir, and think "oh it must be time." And it won't be. So instead I'll sit here and talk about it.
Yesterday was a rough day for him. We had painters come do the house (and believe me, you'll drive right by next time you come over because it's sooooo different, I love it! Yay!). They started early, tearing down the gutters. Outside our front window, and yes, outside his window and boy were they loud. Little boy woke up in a complete hysterical panic, with his freaked-out scared cry and besides pausing for a bottle or two, the panic in his mind hung around for at least 2 and a half hours and so did the crying. The men were everywhere making noise, outside every room (there was a team working on the house). And he knew something was amiss and absolutely did not like it. It quieted down later in the afternoon, and he finally settled down for a nap and forgot about it for the rest of the day, but I can't help but think the stress of it all helped fuel his sleep last night. Which is right at this moment still going! I guess I'll go check on him one more time. I'm lame.

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