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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15

I can't believe I forgot my Thursday Thirteen this week! Wah! So here's my lame list of:
13 random oddities or non-oddities, whatever:
1. A store in Washington, D.C. was selling jelly shoes (scroll down for picture). I have already stated my views on the whole sweater with a belt thing and I feel the same about jelly shoes. Didn't we leave all this back in the 80's? Did I not get enough blisters from jelly shoes back then when the little thingies would rip at the toe? Why are these a good idea again? Who is doing this to us?

2. It's sweater weather in Florida! Yippee! I miss cold weather.

3. Poops is crawling! Yay!!! Must baby-proof stat! Anyone know how to babyproof a rigid stone fireplace?

4. Why is it that while he's surrounded by a zillion toys, it never fails that he completely ignores them, heads to the edge of the little area rug we have, lifts up the corners, puts the edges in his mouth and licks the bottom of it? No matter how many times you tell him no? Gross.

5. We have a zillion gajillion solicitors in our neighborhood and today I drove around the neighborhood until he got around the corner so he wouldn't see me pull into the driveway.

6. It's so hard to stay on the wagon when my mom makes her delicious short ribs. I must have them.

7. I am in desperate need of a pedicure. You can file that under TMI.

8. I have gotten two migraines in two days and I can't stand it.

9. I don't know what to make for dinner tonight.

10. We have a three-hour long homeowner's association meeting on Saturday afternoon. We are supposed to vote on some stuff. That is the longest meeting I've ever heard of.

11. Egad! I just realized I have to wash my floors and vaccuum if Poops is going to be all over the place!

12. What am I going to make for dinner???

13. My best friend is in town and we're going to tea tomorrow. I love tea and pink and being girly.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yeah, I have to agree about jelly shoes -- although I never wore them the first time around. Guess I'll have to decide if I'll let Steele have them or not...

As for the fireplace, the word NO, yelled at top volume from out of the blue, ought to work. Might do it for the rug, too. (yep, a little bit of fear is healthy. Too much -- not so. But a little bit. Yep. Especially when there's fire involved.)

Good luck with the crawler!

Di said...

My heart breaks for you as my dinner is in the oven, my son on a school trip and my daughter babysitting. And both are grown up enough to where it's been years (OK, maybe just months) since they've licked something gross.

Bubba said...

As a guy who has never worn jelly shoes, I agree with you. Blech.

And a three-hour homeowners' association meeting? Those should be reserved for two situations: punishment for a crime worse than murder, and a remedy for insomniacs that don't respond to strong medication.

Happy TT!

Jeanette said...

Oh my God the jelly shoes. I had blisters on my feet from these godawful things but hey...I also had the matching jelly book bag. My, I thought I was so hip and cool. It brings back lots of memories...even more so now that I know my 20th HS Reunion is in October...

MC Milker said...

Put 47 boxes piled up in front of the fireplace. Well, OK, you won't get to see it, but you'll still get the heat, sort of

tiggerprr said...

Blogger ate my comment! :( It was funny too! ::insert pithy and very humorous comment here:: Thanks for stopping by, and I too hate the jelly shoe.

Sparky Duck said...

short ribs for dinner again?

scribbit said...

Sweaters? Wow, what next? Down coats? :) I wish I had a piece of your weather--even just for a week. January here is brutal on me.

Proverbs31 said...

Step 1: Secure baby in playpen.
Step 2: Grab sledge hammer.
Step 3: Bang away at fireplace.
Step 4: Think about every solicitor, bad fashion trend, homeowner meeting, misplanned dinner and migraine.
Step 5: Bang away some more.
Step 6: Give baby a juice cup and a binky.
Step 7: Finish demolition and begin cleanup.
Step 8: Pop a pizza in the oven.
Step 9: Vacuum.
Step 10: Pop in a movie for baby.
Step 11: Shower
Step 12: Pull out pizza and set table just in time for hubby to get home.
Step 13: Show hubby the fireplace and yell - "Surprise!!"


Seriously, I wonder if those plastic table guard things would work on the edges of the fireplace? They might even make fireplace ones. Who knows??

Thanks for the 13! :)

Jill said...

Even if you tell him no, a baby will always put dirty thing in his mouth!!