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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Organizationfest 2007

I wish I had done this before. Do you have any idea how little money it takes to improve your current bathroom situation? Our guest bathroom was downright embarrassing (sorry family members and friends who have been so nice to not make any mention of this ever!) and I have been scared of it since we moved into our house a year and a half ago. I finally tackled it this week, along with a multitude of organizational feats I am proud to have embarked on and emerged victorious from (hall closet, pantry, guest room, office, bedroom closet, baby's room-apparently got my energy back after my stomach thingy), but my most proud moment came from this grody bathroom. Sigh. I cannot reiterate enough how much I wish we had done this long, long ago. Just a tiny bit of money and we've bought ourselves some time until we can actually do the big stuff (pedestal sink, new floor, new bath, new toilet, etc etc.) Here's what I did: Changed the bathroom seat from its older, 1980's wooden counterpart: $9.99. (Did you know they made wooden toilet seats? Barf.) Grout cleaner for bathroom shower: $4.99 + a little elbow grease. Well ok, a lot of elbow grease, but well worth the investment of time and 5 bucks. New showerhead: $29.99. Those, along with the deletion of the gross scummy shower doors, and the addition of a very cute plain white shower curtain, and a tiny bit of re-caulking (not to mention lots of "where's my caulk" jokes) and get yourself a magazine people, you've got yourself a bathroom that you might actually enjoy spending time in! That was $45 bucks and the result is priceless. Never underestimate the power of good grout cleaner. I'm serious.

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