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Thursday, January 18, 2007

High Chair or Exersaucer, Please!

If husband could just keep Poops in the high chair or exersaucer all weekend while I'm gone, that would be great. We were so close to crawling tonight. So. Close. There was still a window for me to see it before I go. But now I am leaving at 8am Friday and the window has closed. He will wake up right before I go and then I am sure he will crawl at 8:01. I am wallowing in self pity. While watching The O.C. Which is completely tanking by the way. If Ryan writes poetry and recites it for Taylor, I will throw up.

Anyway, I've never been away from Poops this long. I haven't flown by myself in two years. This is a big deal for me. I feel like such a different person than I used to be. As a singleton I flew all the time by myself when I lived in NYC and Salt Lake. I flittered and fluttered about. Took trips with friends, drank life in. Made decisions based on how much was left of my paycheck that week. Life was so easy and complicated back then. It's still easy and a little more complicated now, but in a completely different way. A lovely way. I used to get so claustrophobic when people (boyfriends, friends, family) closed in on me and I always needed my space. Now I can't live without them. Any of them. I realize that more now being married, with a baby, with our parents nearby and I can't get enough of them, and I want to eat them all up. Life would just be complete if my sister and my best friend both moved back here. I find myself in such an unfamiliar place. I never thought this would be me. The family girl. But it is now. I love it. My how times change.

Crawling or no crawling, this weekend's gonna be fun! Seeing my sister and my mom and eating tapas and going to the movies and having Sunday brunch and getting our nails done. We're such girls. And flying alone, with my IPod and my book and whatever lovely Starbucks beverage I partake in and my new pink and brown luggage. I've left lists of nap and food schedules. Packed a diaper bag for my husband. This is a big deal for him, too. He hasn't taken Poops out alone once yet, except to the doctor, and that doesn't count! Not sure if I'll get to blog over the weekend but I'll try. Have a good weekend everyone!

Oh, and yes, Ryan wrote the poetry. Barf.

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Momma Bee said...

Aw, I completely know what you mean. It's much the same for me! I hope you enjoy the weekend and make some wonderful memories. The great part is that you'll also be SO excited to be on your way back home to scoop Poops up at the end of the weekend!!