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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm It!

OK! I've been tagged by Robin so here goes, sorry it took me so long! 5 things you may not know about me although after reading hers which are very humorous, I am not sure I can come up with 5 things that aren't totally lame but I'll try:

  1. I hate raisins. HATE them. But I LOVE Raisinettes, and Raisin Bran, which I have found, doubles as a great dinner. I don't know why raisins are acceptable to me in these forms, because the thought of raisins actually makes me want to barf.
  2. My favorite sport ever is baseball and I've played it since I was really young and was very often the only girl on all-boys' teams in little league. I tried out for the boys Junior Varsity baseball team in 9th grade. My boyfriend who was a senior broke up with me. Jerk.
  3. I have a huge fear of public speaking. Even among small groups in a meeting. Or saying grace. Wherever eyes are on me and everything stops and I hear the sound of my own voice. It's actually quite odd because I am usually the "outgoing" one in the group. But when I'm put on the spot in a group, I picture what people might be seeing or thinking while listening to me, and I become acutely aware of my own voice, then I blank and freak out. I took a performance class once in college and I had to "act out" a poem, "Dancing on the Grave of a Son of a Bitch" which was a really great and animated poem, I remember a lot of it still. But halfway through my performance, I became aware of the "eyes" on me and got lost and stopped. My teacher told me to keep going, even improvise if I wanted to, and instead, I fled! I fled the class! I got a C which was very generous. I still can't believe I left. I think about that all the time. I think about doing toastmasters one day. Did you know they have some classes at 7:45 am??
  4. I get scared really easily. I used to think it was just because I was really jumpy. It probably is partly that, but a bigger part of it is that while I'm doing something, I tend to block everything out and be completely in my own world. I could be putting on my makeup and Evan will come into the room and be walking the whole way so that I should be able to see him coming in the mirror, but I'll only see him at the last minute and jump a mile. I'll be thinking about some conversation I had or what I should wear or when I should do this or that. He'll talk to me outside the shower without warning and scare the crap out of me. He now resorts to yelling "husbands are moving!" as he walks around the house so he can warn me of his whereabouts. It has actually gotten so bad that my towel upon my head has even scared me...I saw a part of it in my periphery and jumped and it turned out to be part of the towel.
  5. I dream in plots. Not all the time, but a lot of it. I once saw a commercial I think it was for a Volkswagon that asked "do you dream in color?" and I thought, that's really interesting, and tried to remember that after one of my dreams and yes, I do. I used to write short stories from my dreams in college. I dreamt once that a plane I was on crashed, I even remember where I was sitting on the plane, which seat and everything. The pilot had to crash-land our plane on a winding mountain road and we were safe, but at the last minute the pilot had a change of heart and drove us right off the side! So the next thing I know, I'm walking up to a big burnt out spot on a field where there are flowers and memorials and there is a media trailer nearby where all of my co-workers who were covering the story were congregating. And I went into the trailer, but no one could see me and I realized it was because I was dead. Shortly after, I figured out that someone could see me IF they wanted to, and if they happened to be looking in my direction but both of those things had to happen at the same time or it wouldn't work. And I learned that my job as a dead person was to try and get that to work, so that I could tell the world that the plane crash wasn't a horrible accident. That it was pilot suicide. And then I would get to go to heaven. It's probably been a good 8 years since I dreamt that and I still remember every detail. Anyway those are my 5 things! I'm tagging Connie and Anna Mary! You're it!

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AnnaMary said...

Husbands are moving!! hahaha that's hilarious! You too are crazy!