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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Crazy T-Shirt-Head

I know, I haven't been on in a few days and this is the best I got. My mind is totally blank.
Yes, I realize this is lame. Put a T-Shirt on the baby's head. I feel like it's still the weekend, really and I am still in that post-weekend fog. We had some friends stay with us from Friday until Monday and today I was running around all day and we had a birthday party to go to tonight, so I feel like I'm stuck in Sunday and have not yet moved forward. My cousin is a cop, (or officer, rather, because I guess the word "cop" is derogatory, did you know that?) so I got him a gift certificate to Dunkin Donuts because cops like donuts, right? Hahaha! I really did. And about halfway to his house, I realized I forgot the card, and from where we were driving to their house there was no Walgreens, CVS, nothing, because they live in kind of a rural (beautiful, but rural) area, so I had to stop at a truck stop along the interstate, which had lots of Florida souvenirs but of course, no cards. So I bought a yellow legal pad and a box of envelopes and I made my own. This is the part where I realized that I have no skills whatsoever in drawing, sketching or any kind of art unfortunately, and the cop car I drew on the front looked like that car from Car 54. And it was all bumpy because I was drawing on the road. Hey, it's the thought, right? Off to bed now.

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Robin said...

Maybe you SHOULD join us at our scrapbooking convention! ha ha. That is just sheer talent, thinking of that..see? You ARE creative!
Enjoy that warm weather down there girlie..this am it was a brisk 17 degrees..
love Ohio.