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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #14

Is it me or was there a long streak of crappy tv post-Friends and post-Seinfeld, and now all of a sudden there's a bunch of great tv? Anyway, here's my list:
13 of my All-Time Favoritest TV Shows Ever:

1. Seinfeld. My favorite. I could live on Seinfeld re-runs. Stellllaaaaaaaaaaa!

2. American Idol. Who can't resist the train wreck that are the millions who think they're the next American Idol but can't hit a note and flail their arms about? I love this show! I watch the try-outs then usually develop a lack of interest with the hundreds in Hollywood and start to like it again when there are about 20 left.

3. The Office. I watch this through my open fingers most of the time because I get so embarrassed by Michael's stupidity. This week we're celebrating "Oscar's Mexicanity".

4. Charles in Charge. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show, but never got into it when it was actually on. I watched all the re-runs, kind of like Seinfeld. Where are they now??

5. Speaking of where are they now... where's my favorite cartoon 7th grader "PepperAnn?" This is the funniest cartoon ever and it's not one of those grown-up cartoons, it's an actual cartoon geared for the youngins with life lessons. It's missing now, and I've found chat rooms full of people wanting the DVD or something to whet they're PepperAnn whistle. Did I say that out loud?

6. Gilmore Girls. If loving Gilmore Girls is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

7. The Today Show. I've tried to not include this, but I'm hooked! I don't feel right if I don't see what the three top stories are, or what my husband and I call the "do do do" (like the music open).

8. The O.C. My favorite over-the-top a-little-too dramatic soap opera involving rich kids. They're canceling this show (shocking I know) but I am actually sad about it (even though admittedly I am sick of the re-use of all the plots i.e. conflict followed by Ryan punching someone.) I hope it finds a home on the CW. I'll still watch it.

9. Psych. USA played a few episodes last year and I was HOOKED! The funniest cop show about a pretend psychic who's really just really really observant, and helps police solve crimes. It starts Friday night again. USA Network, 10pm. Watch it! I swear you'll love it!

10. Best Week Ever. VH1. Hil-ar-ious. A re-cap of the week's news and events on tv and in Hollywood. 11pm Friday nights.

11. Hogan Knows Best. I'm such a sucker! I know! Who doesn't love the antics of these "natural" blondes at home?

12. Everyday Italian. Food Network. I have found so many awesome recipes that are now a part of my staples. Super easy homemade cinnamon buns that rock (used these for some Christmas presents), spiked iced cappuccinos, mini-frittatas are just a couple of them. Try these, you'll love them! Great for Sunday brunch.

13. Heroes. Returning Monday night!!!! Weeeee! I am very passionate about this show for some reason and if you don't watch it, I implore you, find the re-runs on SciFi and watch them and catch up on this show, it's awesome! So excited! It feels like I've been waiting forever!

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Kari said...

Fun list! I'm with you on Gilmore Girls (can't help myself), Charles in Charge, and American Idol!!
Happy TT!

Chickadee said...

Oh yea, I love the Office and I also get embarrassed by his stupidity and his political incorrectness, if you will. I'm sure there are really people like him in the world. LOL.

My 13 are up.

Sweet Kitty said...

That's a great list. I like #1, #2 (it's called "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" here),#3,#6.
I would include the simpsons. Hubby and I love it. ;)

I'm up too. Please visit my blog and have fun.

Happy TT,
I will excercise for comments!

Angela/SciFiChick said...

I love 1,3,4, 9, & 13!
Fun TT!

Ma said...

Great list although I don't care for sitcoms. Everyone else does. I like the CSI shows, Law & Order, most drama and forensic stuff. I'm fascinated with the forensic work.

My list is up too.

Momma Bee said...

I'm with you!! I don't know all of these, but you definitely have some of my faves up there. Can't wait for The Office tonight! I almost forgot!

Here's hoping Aidan either crawls today or waits for you to return. Good luck...and have lots of fun regardless!! :)

Anonymous said...

ok, I did not do good with this list, only had two. I really didn't even know most of the golden globe winners either. Just don't watch much tv.

Amy said...

I'm so addicted to American Idol~loving it already! And Seinfeld is just the best! I've just introduced my children to the show now that they are older and the love it too! Thanks for stopping by today. I've never been here before so I can't wait to check it out!

Raggedy said...

Good list!
I haven't watched the tele in over 6 years but when I did I enjoyed nubmer 1 and number 12.
Thanks for visiting my TT.
Have a wonderful Thursday.
Happy TT'ing!

Mike said...

A good list of shows. About the only one I watch anymore is AI. I just don't seem to watch much TV anymore. Happy TT.

Jeannine said...

Pepper Ann is way cool! :-)
Happy TT,

Jill said...

I like the O.C. and Heroes too, but the rest of your list...
But there is such much to watch, so there is enough for everyone taste!!
my tt are up

Sparky Duck said...

what, no West Wing?

Is everyday Italian the cooking show with that hottie Giselle or whatever her name is?

Today is the only one of those morning shows I watch.

Christie said...

yes it's that girl giada the beautiful bobblehead. haha!

ancsweetnsassygal said...

I never cared much for Senfield. But I love Gilmore Girls. I would add Desperate Housewives to the list. My TT is up on why I hate being a middle child.

marianne said...

oh dear, I'm not familiar with most of your list but I have to agree with the AI characterization - what a trainwreck!

Thanks much for stopping by!

Buttercup said...

I keep hearing great things about heroes. I need to check it out! Thanks for stopping by my TT!

Bubba said...

Great list...but if we were married I think we would fight for the remote constantly because I only watch one of your top 13 (Heroes).

Thanks for stopping by..and happy TT!

Judy Callarman said...

Good list! I never really caught the TV bug, so I don't watch anything much. I like Seinfeld re-runs, especially the original ones before they changed writers. And M*A*S*H! But movies are best.

Thanks for stopping by mine!

Sophisticated Writer said...

I miss Seinfeld too so much :( Thanks for the visit.