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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow Day-Yes! Crap Movie-No!

Sweet! I came up to DC just in time for snow. Boy do I miss this, the smell of wood burning stoves and dipping in to the Java House for some hot cocoa with our frozen noses, frozen faces and frozen toes. I spoke to my husband in sunny FLA and Poops was wearing his tropical-wear and they were grilling out, the boys watching football all afternoon (cute!). We're leaving at 4 in the morning to head back tomorrow, and holy crap I just realized it's almost 8:30 and I'm not packed and I'm not ready and I typed that at the exact time my mom yelled out with glee, "I'm all packed and I'm all ready!" Hahaha! What a fun-filled productive and simultaneously counterproductive weekend we have had, it was wonderful! My sister and I were rendered useless Saturday after a few too many cocktails Friday night, then we went and saw ten potential condos over the duration of the weekend and we think she found The one, we went to church, went shopping, had brunch, it was so nice just us girls. We had a double-feature-movie-rental extravaganza last night and saw Little Miss Sunshine, which was so cute and funny. But I feel it is my duty to warn you, we also saw "The Last Kiss", has anyone seen this? Zach Braff and "Summer" from the O.C. were in this. We were all excited when we saw it on the shelf because we thought it would be a lovely romantic comedy. NOT SO! It was AWFUL. Especially just the three of us girls watching this away from our husbands. I swear, there was a "worst case scenario" for each one of us and as we're watching it, we're each secretly thinking "What If" in our scared little wife heads and by the end we were exhausted and depressed and mad at our husbands even though they hadn't done anything. It was all about sucky guys, one cheats, another leaves his wife who just had a baby, and a couple in a 30 year marriage breaks up. If you have a relationship you are happy in or treasure even remotely, please don't watch this movie. You will think it is doomed after this. It was the last thing we saw before going to bed and we all had nightmares all night long. Blockbuster: I want my money back! Anyway, I'm missing the boy so much and I'm ready to come home. He has not started crawling to my knowledge yet. And he has reportedly been fussy all day and I would like to think it is because he missed his mommy. Don't I wish!

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Robin said...

Sounds like a good time..I'm so jealous!
Hope you saved enough room in that suitcase for those jellies! :)