"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Monday, January 08, 2007

Staring down the barrel of mobility

You're just so darned proud of yourself aren't you?? I went in to retrieve Poops from his nap and this is what I walked in to. He hadn't yet sat up by himself so this was a first for him. After that he wouldn't stop doing it. At bedtime after we read and I put him down, I cracked the door to peek at him, and there I see, his big ol' head in front of the little rainforest aquarium thingy on his crib, sitting up, playing with the bird and the monkeys. And an hour later, after our little game of up, down, come on sweetie go sleepies, up down, up down (I should've known better) he finally tired himself out. Didn't want to waste his newfound talent I guess! I don't know whether to gasp or clap, maybe a little of both, but sweet fancy moses, we're staring down the barrel of mobility! To the babyproofing aisle, troops! Arm yourselves!


AnnaMary said...

Ohhh!!!! I love that little face!!

Connie T. said...

Our boys are growing up on us way too fast Christie. Way too fast..
Would you believe David decided to take his first steps on his 9 month birthday yesterday. I'm excited but so not ready for this yet. Now David will be in to everything.

Robin said...

Take a deep breath and don't close your eyes..you are about to experience lots of baby bruises, tears, and "almost" terrifying moments. You will be shocked at how fast things move and soon, very soon, he will be riding his bike with training wheels off into the sunset.

amy said...

What a fun post and blog! I love the pics and the quote from MR bueller! Congrats and uhm good luck