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Thursday, January 04, 2007

So much to write, so little focus

I don't even know where to start, there is so much that's blogworthy, and I find it easier to play Thursday 13 than to sit down and write all the funny blogables swirling around in my mind. From New Year's Eve to New Year's day and beyond, I have to sit and write it all down. But I've been holed up in my house for the last three days with what I will only call for everyone "something stomach" and it's what I would call "not good." Period. And poor Poops has been playing in his little Dome tent thingy and staring up at me as if to say, "won't you play with me?" And I will try, I will play laughing games and clapping games and singing games, but my stomach will roll over and my head will split and I will quit for a few minutes before he looks at me with those cute puppy eyes and turns his face into a full smile and asks me in his own wordless way, play with me again? And we will do it again. And I will take a break. And the cycle continues. Today I ventured out for some Pepto and I could tell Poops was happy to get some much needed fresh air. But I broke out into cold sweats and had to get us home pretty quickly. Don't worry, I'll end it there. Anyway, I love being a first-time mom and experiencing all the wonderment of the firsts along with the little boy. It's truly amazing to watch him figure out a skill and literally practice it over and over until it is perfected and to see the progress. Every week it is something else. This week, it's his little pincer grasp. He's been eating finger foods for a while, but I usually have to end up giving it to him because he gets frustrated and starts to wail after about 5 little carrot pieces land in his lap. But now he's working on his "strategery" and if he can't get it with the one hand, he swoops in with the other and flails the food into his mouth like a catapult and it's hysterical to watch. And all this playing on the floor hasn't been all terrible for him, he's starting to do the "bounce" on all fours, so he may finally be trying to crawl, and I watched him for about 10 minutes trying to go from belly to sitting upright, and every time he'd almost get there, he'd topple over. Don't even get me started on the clapping! I just love this.

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Robin said...

Oh gosh..I forgot about the sweet little pincher grasp. Really.. I know it sounds cliche..but enjoy that baby. I can't even remember things from a month ago, let alone 2 years ago.
It almost makes me want another..almost I said.
Happy Thursday girlie!