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Thursday, February 01, 2007

All for love

I, hater of all things banana, the taste of it, the smell of it, the texture (as Goldmember would say), find myself of all things, ensconced in banana. The odor smothering me like a Boy Scout putting out a fire. I have just changed out of my attire coated in a lovely banana smear. I have just cleaned a kitchen full of banana mush. And a boy with a banana film. It's out of love that I continue to buy them for little boy who loves them more than anything in the world. I mean, who wouldn't? They're the most convenient fruit in the world! Sadly, I wouldn't. After an unfortunate childhood banana incident, I am ruined forever. But being part Native American, and too overwhelmed by guilt to throw out the bananas that are in a current state of demise (that whole use every part of the animal thing), I have done gone and made banana bread and banana crumb cake, which I suspect would be good if I liked bananas. But I don't like bananas. And every part of my world is at this very moment filled with banana. I am witnessing the Christie Bizarro world. And this is Bizarro-Christie. If you would have said, Christie, in 10 years, you will not only be buying bananas, you will be making breads with them and filling up your home with the odor of bananas and getting bananas all over your hands and clothes and child, I'd have scoffed at the very thought! Yet here I am. Doing that very thing. Oh what we do for love. Now, please excuse me while I open the windows and gag some more.

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Rose said...

You poor thing you so I guess a banana Sunday is out of the question?

DK said...

I love this post! I don't do bananas either - I'm allergic to them big time! The smell makes me queasy and I get a headache. I, too, am part Native American - do ya think there's a connection?!

Robin said...

I myself don't care for the fruit, or any fruit for that matter..my youngest loved them..in fact, we called it her banana phase. I would have to let her have one at the store while we were grocery shopping. She was banana CRAZY. Thankfully, she is passed that now.
I'm sure the other Christie is laughing at you right now...
oh, stop by and vote for me, would ya? please? :)

Margaret said...

LOL! I had a boyfriend who felt similar to Pineapple after spending a few years in Hawaii.

I only like Bananers if just ripe - with a tad of green. I gag at the first sign of a brown spot. That's when they taste the best is what my husband says.

I somehow doubt it.

Robin said...

hey girlie-
I have this burning desire to make something for you and poops..
could you e-mail about the details?

Sparky Duck said...

wow, I was all set for a Color Me Badd post too.

Im with you I hate bananas and have just been lucky to avoid the kid requirement

Ellie said...

I use to hate bananas, but I can eat one now, on an occasion and I am all for the banana bread, muffins, etc. I don't like them dried though, ugh! Too much banana still makes me have the gag reflex. Loved the post!