"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Post About Nothing

Maybe Sylar snuck into my head and took all my blogging ideas. Not that I had anything spectacular up there anyway, but for two days now, nothing. Not since after Heroes, when Sylar scared me and then I couldn't sleep. This is what happens to me after I see something scary. I am a complete wimp. Plus I can't shower with my eyes closed for a few days. (I'm still writing about it and it's Wednesday!) By the way after that episode Monday, I came out to the living room and turned on Conan and saw Max Weinberg doing a little "Conan commercial" for a Medela Breastpump. I tried to find it on You Tube to post it, it was hysterical. "The Medela 600 Breastpump. What Max Weinberg would use if he was breastfeeding." The scarier thing was actually doing a search for "breastpump" on You Tube. Do you know how many men have posted video of themselves using a breastpump?

So that's what I got today. Men and breastpumps. It's amazing what comes out when you're staring at a blank screen (you're right, Sparky!) Wonder what kind of hits I'll get from writing that, you'd be amazed at how many combinations of "Poop" get people here.

Anyway, I am in a groove with running and working out. I am writing that because I am about to go now actually, as soon as I can find it in me to put down the computer and get out of my pajamas. My mother-in-law will be here in 22 minutes to watch Poops. For the past two weeks, I have expanded my repertoire to include a workout 5 days a week and the scale is finally moving again albeit somewhat slowly. After three months of having a stubborn scale that refused to move even one tick, I have decided, and I realize I am stating the obvious here, that three days at the gym does nothing for one's weightloss goals. And interestingly enough, neither do Girl Scout cookies, which, after the holidays, is the next big "season" to try and thwart my weightloss. We have four boxes in the house and two more on the way. We've succumbed to the madness! I guess we "feel bad" for the various Girl Scouts we know, like the neighbor-lady's daughter and my husband's co-worker's daughters, so we have to help and boost their sales. It's charity! We're being charitable! Right? Despite attempts by the Girl Scouts to undo all my doings, I am still what I like to call "on the wagon", and I am still able to ignore the desperate, tempting, pleading calls to me by the Thin Mints from my freezer. By ignoring I mean I won't complete dive into the box and eat an entire row. I will occasionally partake in the Thin Mint love. Oh and Samoas. Those are my bestest favorites, but Samoas have more calories so I haven't opened those boxes yet. Happy Wednesday! Happy Girl Scout Cookie Season!


- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

Lots o' water!! I don't know if you drink soda...but when I gave up (most) of it, I lost 12 pounds. I have two dogs that like to run.. Come get one. LOL

Skittles said...

Darn Girl Scouts! ;)

Sparky Duck said...

Freeze the Thank You cookies. I am glad i could help

Robin said...

Frozen thin mints + milk = better than sex.
Yummy..my all time FAVORITE! I'm running a mile in my head, just thinking about the calories I will be consuming shortly.

Bankerchick said...

I love your Blog and I am going to link to you if that is cool with you. You have some of my interests, peeps, Heroes, and you are a great read. I tend to put links I want to go back to on my favorites, then add to my list as I decide it's link worthyness and some how I lost you. But Mis-adventures of Captain Poopy was easy title to find again and you are definitly link worthy.