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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Mushroom

I swear, Irony loves me. The only thing I hate more than the banana is the mushroom. Last week, I wrote about being ensconced in banana. So it's only fitting the the mushroom would take a swing at me. My husband and I went out last night for our usual "date night." We didn't make a plan ahead of time, so we spent a half hour driving up and down the highway looking for a place to eat. We finally settled on Arigato, a Japanese steakhouse where the chefs cook your food in the middle of a big table and set big fires and toss shrimp tails into their chef hats. A little expensive, but what the hey. We sat down at our table alongside six other strangers and ordered drinks. I got a lovely fruity fun drink called a Tokyo Rose. It had a cherry on top. We went around the table and ordered, and of course I ordered my lovely filet dinner because I always get the same thing, and I ordered it, as usual, without mushrooms.

Ten minutes later, a giant bowl of raw mushrooms walks up with a waitress behind it. "Someone order an appetizer of mushrooms?"

I lost it. It was one time that I wished I had my camera because the ridiculous size of this "mushroom appetizer" which who knew people even ordered a giant bowl of mushrooms?? was beyond imagination. The giant bowl of mushrooms is not on the menu. I was hysterically laughing and I finally took a breath to tell the waitress who was looking at me like I was crazy that I ordered my dinner withOUT mushrooms, did that count? And neither she, nor I, could figure out where the breakdown in translation occurred, because it was actually written down that I wanted my food without mushrooms. So it only remains for me to deduce that the giant mushroom bowl was sent to me from the world of Karma or Irony, as a joke, and they're over there yukking it up in the kitchen.


AnnaMary said...

hahahahah that's hilarious. You go from surrounded by one horrible thing to another. Lamisil commercials, banana's, then mushrooms! I can just picture your face.

scribbit said...

That's too funny. Mushrooms are a bit of a point of contention here--I love them and can't get enough of the tasty little fungi while my husband hatest them with a passion I haven't yet begun to conquer. Whenever we go out I ALWAYS order something with mushrooms because I just can't get my fix here at home.

Worst thing is, he's teaching the kids to hate them too!

Robin said...

HA! The food gods are laughing at you...
we took our family to Tokoyo Steakhouse once, sitting around the table, waiting to be entertained. The guy lit the fire and WHAM! My smallest went HYSTERICAL...she is now terrified of all things fire.
Still waiting on those pics woman, I've got that creative urge..:)

Anonymous said...

What a "ham" you are. I can just see the look on your face when the waiter arrived with those mushrooms! funny, funny stuff! The cool thing is, it gave you great material for a post on your blog!

Oh, and I read your last post..the poopy mess all over...It brought back some long forgotten memories for me!

Skittles said...

Oh I sure would have taken those off your hands :)