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Monday, February 05, 2007

The $24 Lip Gloss

Robin, you'll love this one! (Boy I was in such a drought for things to write, but the blog just seems to be writing itself!)

I cannot go another day without writing something about my new $24 lip gloss. For me, that's pricey. I'm an Almay/slash/Neutragena make-up girl, with a side of Cover Girl lipstick. So I don't usually do anything more than 10 bucks, I don't even really know why. I certainly wouldn't mind a little Clinique in my makeup bag, but I guess I'm the type to stick with what works. When I find a good color, I'm a lifer. The cost of experimenting and having orange-face or 80's lipstick face all day is just too high for me. So on my recent trip to see my sister in Washington D.C., we stopped into Sephora, which I lovvvvve, and browsed around. Of course, Sephora always gives me a headache because of all the fragrances wafting in at me at once, but I can get over it quickly when I find wonderful little treasures like my $24 lip gloss. It's called "Pout".

It promises to restore collagen and give that plumped up, "just been stung by a bee" look. And when I put it on, it tingled and I felt absolutely luxurious! I was beautiful and everyone was looking at me like "wow! she's hot!" and it was all thanks to this lip gloss! OK that's not really what happened, but I did feel that way, at least until the tingle wore off and I re-applied and felt like that all over again. So, did I look like Angelina Jolie after one application? Or even after two? Well, no. But did I feel like Angelina Jolie? I sure did! So did my sister and my mother. So, I'm giving this three solid Valentine Peeps out of four, because it may not actually plump you up, but that don't mean nothin when you got this shiny tingly lovely gloss on your face and you're feelin fabulous. Even in jeans and a tee-shirt. So I'll take it. Thank you, Pout.


Robin said...

Girl, I have so seen this at Sephora..I opted for the venom, which is supposed to have the same effect..next time I will try this one!
Love yummy lip gloss, especially the kind that hurts..
(it's a GOOD hurt)
I normally don't wear much make-up, but I LOVE Sephora. I once bought $25 shampoo, just because I liked the packaging. I'm all about the packaging.

amy said...

I loved this post! Thanks for making me laugh

scribbit said...

And to think I didn't know what Sephora was a mere two minutes ago. Wow. I've been missing out. Tingling lips here I come!