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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Oscar Bjorn

OK this was by far one of the most entertaining Oscar shows I've ever seen. Instead of the dog- and-pony-show that is Hollywood patting each other on the back, I found myself laughing my ass off on multiple occasions, mostly thanks to Ellen, who among other things, made it clear that she will never hook up with George Clooney much to his chagrin. She danced, she took pictures on her digital camera for MySpace, she gave Martin Scorcese a script, she made dog shadows, and then, there was the Oscar Bjorn, Ellen walking out wearing a Baby Bjorn carrying an Oscar, you know, because you want to have your hands free but still be able to admire your lovely bald guy throughout the evening. Hilarious!

And on a sidenote: Jennifer Hudson!! Winning an Oscar for Dreamgirls!!! Proof that when one door closes, another opens. I love it!! Who knew an Idol cast-off would go on to win a Golden Globe and an Oscar!! She walked off the stage with her mouth open and her jaw dropped to the floor. I got all teary! And isn't Beyonce' just absolutely gorgeous no matter what? Anyway, I'm not really much of an Oscar-follower. I had a few favorites, like Little Miss Sunshine and Jennifer Hudson and it's like this every year for me, I don't really end up watching any of the Oscar-nominated movies although I vow to every year. And then I think, boy I really should watch that, and I really do want to, and I even think I might rent them after the Oscars, but I never really do. Oh well. So I watch the Oscars usually with the option of turning it off when it gets boring and coming back to it to see Best Picture at the end, but I found myself sticking with it all night because of its hilarity. I'm gonna venture out on a limb here, but we're headed toward a 4 1/2 maybe even a 5 Peeps-rated show. (I almost left out the word "rated" just then, but then it would have read 5-Peeps show, which may or may not have had a different meaning depending on how your interpreted it). Maybe I should just say, I'm giving this year's Oscars a rating of 4 1/2 or 5 Peeps for outstanding humor/slash/comedic performance.


Robin said...

Hear, hear! Loved Ellen..she rocked as the hostess. You know that Beyonce is near and dear to my heart..she is one gorgeous woman whose music is just my FAVORITE!!!
Hooray for Little Miss Sunshine!! How about when the grandpa one (name escapes me)..he cried! It was so touching!

Sparky Duck said...

seem to be the only one who thought the oscars were dull, beyond Ellen being excellent