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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Pillow Menagerie

The Snoogle pillow is officially out of hiding. The Snoogle is the most wonderful invention for a pregnant woman ever. Yes, it looks really funny when you're sleeping in it. And sure, it's like having a third person in bed with you, but the comfort and support of this pillow makes for one nice, solid night's sleep. You put your head up there at the top loop, and that big long part supports your back, and that bottom loop comes up through your legs to support your belly. And the best part is, if you want to turn over onto your other side, you just flip around so that you're hugging the big long part, and your head still rests on that loopy at the top. Ahhhh. The whole sleeping-on-your-side thing is just a big pain for me. I love sleeping on my stomach and my back, so being ensconced in pillow is the next best thing. No, this isn't a paid advertisement, either. I just love this thing.

Funny, funny Poops. I was on the phone earlier while the little boy was playing on the floor after emptying out one of my cabinets. He stuck his thumb in his mouth and started rubbing his eyes-you know, all the signs of nap-readiness. I was getting off the phone soon, so I just let him keep playing. But instead, he crawled into his room and closed the door. He told me.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good weekend! I got a wonderful dark wood, teak patio table from Pier 1 for our new, grassy backyard that we put up. Half-price--- sweet! I'm looking at it right now. Except of course, that it doesn't have chairs yet. Those will come soon. But I did just order the red umbrella that will come in this week, does that count? I am buying the chairs separate and I know it's odd buying the whole set piecemeal, but I didn't like the sets that were out there. If I liked the table, I hated the chairs and vice versa. I guess this is why I haven't blogged since Thursday. My stories stink. So I'm going to make myself useful and clean the office out. Happy Monday!


Anna Mary said...

How cute!!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa says he's wonderful to take care of....Funny too

Sparky Duck said...

yes but what does mr captn poopy say about the pillow besides "im freaking falling out of bed"

Mom not Mum said...

I'll have to NOT show this to my husband - he is a body pillow user and I'm sure he would make me purchase one of these pregnancy pillows for him. LOL

Robin said...

I was seriously at Pier One looking at a table very similar this weekend..we need new furniture for our deck. I have problems with "matching" sets as well!
Oh girl..we have got to get together!
So cute poops!

Scribbit said...

Yes, it was nice. Hope yours was wonderful too. ANd you've got to have a pillow like that to make it through pregnancy.