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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Beachin It & Sparkle Folo

There is one great thing about these progesterone shots, and that's the fact that my doctor's office sees a heck of a lot of me. Once a week, sometimes twice (if I have a normal appointment scheduled separately.) My doctors and nurses seem as alarmed as I am, and aware. Blood pressure yesterday, a wonderful 113/65. Sweet. No other symptoms so far and hoping to keep it that way. But we'll be watching. I am feeling confident.

Of course, today will be a whirlwind, as we're off to the beach! And I am not yet packed. In fact, I'm doing laundry as we speak. I've done a really good job of preparing, haven't I? And I have to clean up a bit, too, so that we can come home to a nice clean home when we're done. (Oh yes, Robin, it's Lido Beach!) There will be shopping on the circle, for sure.

Plus, we will be taking our new minivan with us! HAHAHA! We are officially minivan owners. I never thought I could feel cool driving a minivan, but that pretty, sparkling midnight blue color was lookin sharp (to me). The real clencher was when I was blasting our rock station on the way home from picking it up and "Let the bodies hit the floor" came on. There I am, rocking out in the minivan to this crazy song like a headbanger. Driving a minivan. I don't have pictures of it yet, but I'll leave on a couple pictures from this week that cracked me up. I will try to blog from Sarasota this week, I hear there's wireless somewhere in one of the buildings. Have a great weekend!

Trying to fill some big shoes

Daddy playing human robot guy with a box from a present we opened
Baby Robot Poops


ciara said...

you are so lucky to have a minivan! lol i don't get one until next year when our truck is paid off...that's if my husband doesn't convince me we should get another commuter car for him. he doesn't know the struggle it is and how much room there isn't for 3 growing kids (stepson almost 13, and my girls almost 11 and 9). my stepson and my oldest girl are getting near to my height (i'm 5'4" and they are 5' and 4'10 or so lol).

it's great to see a good reading on your blood pressure. i'm sure that was a relief, and at least your doctor knows to keep an eye on it. did you see the bday post i had about my son? he's my preeclampsia baby, and that was the story. he's 20 now and i went on to have my two girls vbac w no problems.

have a great time at the beach! your little one is too cute!

Anna Mary said...

Yay!!!!! He still likes our musical chair!! These picture are so cute, I wanna squuuueeeze him!!

Stine said...

Great photos... What a sweet little poopy!

How are you doing??? I hope everything is all right, and that your sparkles haven't developed into anything that you don't want.

Fingers crossed - I leave the leg crossing to you...

Robin said...

AHH! You've given into the mini van! I'll have to report we've lost another one (ha ha!)
Hope your vacation is the best.if you get a chance, try to eat at Marina Jacks (so good!), the patio is even nice and lot's cheaper. The view is spectacular.
I am hoping that the only sparkles you see will be the one's bouncing off the water from the sunlight!
Cute robot men you have there btw!

Scribbit said...

Well congratulations on becoming minivan owners, a big step :)

And very cute pictures!