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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bye Bye Baby Mullet!

OK. I gave in. I don't know why I was so emotionally attached to Poops' hair. I think it may be because he had so little of it for so long; he was practically bald until a year old. I remember him in the little isolettte after he was born with only the tiniest bit of hair around the outer perimeter of his head, and the whole middle was bald. He looked like an old man whose name should have been "Ira", with hair that had receded to just the very back and the sides. Since then, I was hoping the hair on top would grow in like the hair on the bottom did so we could go get an official "all over" cut. But it didn't happen. It just became a mullet, but I refused to see it. And despite the urging by all of our family members, including husband, who talked about his mullet every chance he could, I was staying strong: no cut just yet. Weeks of this went by. That is, until I put this little basketball outfit on him with cutoff arms and he looked like he should be on an episode of Cops. Fine. The mullet had to go. But I did save it, because that's what one has to do with the first haircut, of course. So, gratuitous first haircut pictures.

Baby Mullet Before

Baby Mullet After

And while we were at it, Putty got her huge coif cut too; there she is down there looking smooth and dapper, I might say. Ohhh that's a face only a mother can love!


Robin said...

My Abby..has had a hair trim (if you could even call it that) ONCE..that's it!
almost 4 years old..no hair until she was one..now she has all kinds of hair, down to her butt crack, but still, no real haircut yet.
Carly had 3 haircuts by the time she was one..looking like a Haicenic Jew, with two longer curls by her ears.
Her first cut was by my MIL, but that is another story for another time.
NO NO NO! You DO NOT have a long haired cat! We have a long haired cat, 20 pounds, 20 years old..argh! The similarities continue to mount!

Stine said...

Hahaha. I'll probably cut Miracle Boys' hair for the first time when he's about 10. Nothing going....

metaDAD said...

That's right, all business up front, party out back. I guess the party's over though.

Skittles said...

I still have snippets of the first haircuts for each of my kids. Ages 32, 27 & 26 now!

Putty doesn't look very happy. LOL

nell said...

bye bye cute little mullet! lol That picture of the cat is too funny.

Anna Mary said...

hahhaa someone else said the business in the front party in the back!! that's the funniest thing ever!