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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #29

So if you happen to scroll down to see our latest sonogram, you'll see a very telling picture. IT'S A BOY! There are, without a doubt, a twig and berries there. So in all our excitement, this week's tt is:

13 Things About Another Boy

1. I have one already. I feel like a baby boy expert.
2. Of course, since all babies are different, I am quite sure this next one will knock me off my cocky high horse and have colic, be a picky eater, and cry all the time, all those crazy things that we thankfully avoided with the first. No! I am not wishing these things on myself. I am using The Secret right now to retract my order from the universe.
3. With a boy, I don't have to explain to my husband the "wipe front to back" method of changing a diaper.
4. I am honestly afraid of having a girl. I know what I did to my mom. It wasn't all that long ago. I was a caddy brat. When I have a girl, I am quite sure she will get me back. 10-fold.
5. I already have a TON of boy clothes. And lots of them are outfits I forgot to try on Aidan and by the time he did, he was already too big for them.
6. Blue infant carrier. Check.
7. Blue baby blankets. Check.
8. Aidan will have a life-long pal, less than 2 years older than him. Yes, I realize this can be good or bad. Hopefully, it will be good.
9. They will go to high school together. They will go on double-dates together. They will team up against their mom. They will have stinky, locker-room smelling bedrooms.
10. But earlier than that, one will push the other, they'll take each other's toys, and still get excited about riding side-by-side together in the little red wagon.
11. I'm so looking forward to the first time Aidan sees the new baby, and he "pets" him and subsequently has to begin to wrap his tiny mind around the fact that the baby is actually coming home with us for good. I can already see the wheels turning.
12. Tiny sibling pictures. How cute is this??
13. Two words: nursery decor!!!!! Which leads me to the nursery poll! Which theme do you like best? I have had them both picked out for months.

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Gloria said...

Agree with number 4, I feel the same way. Didn't help with my mum encouragement: "When you have daughters of your own, you will know what kind of hell you put me through!" So ok, she didn't exactly say that, but something like that.

Congrats on the new baby on the way!

Survey: I like the first one. =)

Crimson Wife said...

Congrats! I'm personally glad to have 1 of each, but there's definitely something special about a mama-son relationship :-)

Robin said...

YEAH! So happy for you Christie! Two of the same sex rocks..speaking from the other end of the spectrum of course!
But don't expect them to be ANYTHING alike. That has been my biggest surprise..right down to the clothes. My youngest HATES my oldest child's style..so she refuses to wear her hand me down clothes. Maybe that's just a girl thing..
I like both sets, but I LOVE the first one with the animals on it!
Congrats! (me jumping up and down for you!) and welcome back..I have been wondering where you were! :)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Great TT! Since most baby clothes look like new anyway (they wear them for such a short time) it's nice to get to use them again.
Poll: I like the first one :)

Jenmomof4 said...

I like the alphabet crib set. That is so cute.

Mom not Mum said...

Woohooo!! I had 2 boys in a row just 2 years and 8 days apart - I love it. They are like oil and water though - couldn't be more different but it is still so great to see them walking side by side talking about what every it is they talk about. LOL

I like the ABC bedding - the cat in the hat is cute but I prefer the other.

Anna Mary said...

Yay, YAy, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! I can't wait to have my nephews come pouring through our front door to raid Aunt Anna's fridge or beat up their cousins bad boyfriend and stuff! (give us a few years though) I'm so excited!!!!!

Oh, and I want the one on the left, which one do you want? Huh?? Huh??!! No really, I like the one on the right. So cute!
Another boy! Weeeeeeeee!!!!!

Skittles said...

I didn't do a TT today but I have to vote on the first nursery scheme. :)

Tink said...

I like the left set most!
Thanks for visiting my essentials TT!

Sparky Duck said...

Congrats on life being a smidge easier.

The first one, boooo cat in the hat.

another good thing about brothers, one can watch out for the other one when they get stinking drunk in HS

Suprina said...

Great TT.
I like the dr. Seuss set...who doesn't like Dr. Seuss.

I have 3 boys and I girl.

my oldes is a son and my second is a daughter. They are 18 months and 2 days apart.

I didn't have any brothers and boy was it a shock to figure out boys....I still haven't got them figured out...

Mercy's Maid said...

Congratulations on boy #2! I like both of your nursery themes. A lady I work with did her nursery in Cat in the Hat.

Lisa said...

Congrats on the boy. I always thought I'd want one of each, but now that I have one boy I could imagine having two.

I like the second bedding.

Joyanna said...

Congrats on the little boy... You have offically joined the boy club. I think you should use the dr. seuess bedding. You have always wanted that for bedding and it fits....

Michelle said...

A travel coffee mug?!?!?! Hilarious.

Skittles said...

You've been tagged with The Moaning Meme!