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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Awwwww Shucks!!

I don't know what to say! Thanks, Stine! My favorite Norwegian blogger over at Mother's Home! has given me a badge I'll wear proudly. I started reading her blog when she began her quest for a million bucks through pay-per-post, and have come to find out we've got quite a bit in common, including the sisterhood that is being a preemie mom. So, thank you, Stine! I'm honored!

Now I get to nominate some of my other favorite chickadee bloggers:

1. Ok so her blog has sat idle while the world waits for updates on her and her soldier who recently returned home, but here's to my sister at Old Man Hancock along with a plea to return to telling her story as a military wife. She's my favorite person in the whole world. And not only did she relay the hardships of having a husband over in Iraq, she was a channel for people to show their support to every soldier, not just hers. She rocks.

2. My girl, Robin, at Welcome to My World cracks me up every day. She is the uber-motivated, uber-crafty, multi-tasking, how the hell does she do it all wondermom. Then, somehow, with two kids and 500 jobs that she happens to love by the way, she still finds times for the occasional random act of kindness. If we lived closer than, say, across the country, we'd be great friends in real face-to-face life too, I can tell.

3. Michelle, at Fluttering Butterflies, besides the fact that her blog is just so pretty, she's an American mom with a sweet tooth for good old American candies, living on the other side of the pond. Love her blog. Right now she's nursing a cold. Hope this cheers you up!

I've got more but I have to sleep, it's so late. Part Deux tomorrow! Thanks again, Stine!!


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Awwwww.. thanks so much for giving me that award! You're such a sweetie and that definately made me feel better! Thank you!