"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sun, Sand, and Wagons

We're back from sunny Sarasota and I don't know what to do first, blog or finish reading Harry Potter! I'm almost done so don't tell me anything still! (Lalalalalalalal--I can't hear you!) Our little mini-break was quite lovely, I must say, and the Gulf was much rougher than it is up near me. It was Atlantic-rough. I loved it! It made me want to bust out a boogie board and get moving! Only drawback was trying to wade into the water whilst the giant waves crashed into my big belly. I had to throw in the towel a couple of times and take my sad, rejected by the ocean-self back to my blanket. And gone are the days when Poops would sit nicely on the beach blanket and shovel sand into his mouth. Now I'm chasing him up and down the beach. Once while taking a picture of him heading toward the white sea foam, I realized that hmmmm....the lens makes him look much farther from the water than he really is-- which, of course, sent me into a full-out pregnant, bathing-suit-wearing sprint to snatch him up before he reached the ocean. Close call. (Have I mentioned my extreme aversion to running in a bathing suit? Very few people can pull this off.)

Aidan met an older little woman, 20-month-old Ella (Evan called her "the cougar"), who was staying down the hall from us. Oh, that little summer love happened so fast and was full of laughter, kisses, and tears. Sigh. Young love. (Ha!) He's getting quite affectionate now, giving everything and everyone kisses and batting his little boy eyes at all the ladies. Unfortunately, Ella had something he really wanted and having the two of them play together was next to impossible. Enter, the wagon. Once Aidan laid eyes on this little gem, his love affair with Ella was over. We went out to Target to get him one, but even when he and Ella were on the beach with both of their wagons in tow, he still wanted hers. Oh well. A mom just can't win.

My mother-in-law and I left husband at home to head out for tea one day, which was, in short, DELICIOUS!! A little British tea room and I tried real Devon cream for real for the first time because apparently I have been duped at every other tea room visit I have ever made! This was the real stuff. If, one day, I were to, say, open a tea room of my own one day, I would opt for the real stuff. Simple as that.

It did rain quite a bit which hampered our beach-going, but since it's been "rainy season" for two months and there hasn't been a drop of rain until this past week, I suppose it was really because someone trying to tell me that I don't need any more sun and that I have to get some suspect moles checked. Which I fully intend on doing.

Besides all that, I am finally getting some calls back on some freelance writing gigs! Yay! I was starting to believe that maybe I didn't have as much experience as I thought I did and that my resume was crap. I must have sent out dozens of resumes over the past month and when the phone doesn't ring and the inbox is only full of junk from Babycenter and Red Envelope, a girl really starts to wonder. But I got a little gig copy editing and a couple other opportunities abound, so I may just dig this little "work from home" thing. We shall see. So that's been the week! Happy Sunday! Got some butt shots to look forward to tomorrow! Hello left cheek!


Robin said...

I would LOVE that job! Writing from home would be amazing!
Last year was my banner year for dermatology..next year probably will be as well, since I can't stay out of the tanning bed this year for some reason!
ha ha
Glad you had a good vacation..
I know right where you were!
So crazy!
Love that devonshire cream..so yum!

~Denise~ said...

Sounds like a lovely vacation! The wagon escapades sound hilarious, gotta love the mindwork of kids. ;)