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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I think I threw out my keys. Isn't that magical? And I didn't even know it until I was all ready to go, bag all packed, baby in the infant carrier. Water bottle. Snack for later. No keys. They're not in their usual spot. Huh. Two hours and a screaming baby later, still. No keys. OK, backtrack. I came in last night with groceries, the diaper bag and the baby. I dropped it all near the counter (except the baby who I gently placed on the floor, removed from said carrier and placed neatly in swing so I could consume greek salad I bought for dinner because I was ravished.) I threw out the leftover salad, along with the bag it came in, put away the groceries, played with the baby. Then I put the baby to bed, went on a garbage frenzy because it was garbage day in the morning. Kitchen trash. Bathroom trash. Office trash. Kitty litter. Everything garbage went out the door and to the curb. And I think my keys went with it. I can't think of anywhere else they'd be. I scoured every single crevice and surface and bag. Twice. Three times. Fed the baby, did it again. I am still hoping that they'll magically appear somewhere. Frantic. Sweating. I take a break. Call the dealership, which went like this.

Me: Hi! I was wondering. If one happened to lose the only existing key to one's car, how would one go about replacing it? Hypothetically.

Service guy (obnoxious with deep voice): Tow it here and we'll electronically configure the lock (blah blah), but you have to bring proof that it's yours (blah blah words and more words).

Me: Oh. And how much would that cost? Hypothetically.

Service guy: Anywhere from $100 to $300 dollars depending on the lock.

Me: Crap.

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Connie T. said...

Don't feel bad. That sounds like something I would do. It happens!