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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

Since I'll be out of town Friday, I'll do a combo platter early-weigh-in-slash-Thursday 13. So, HURRAH!! I'm down 2 more pounds, which brings me to a grand total of 10. Sweet! Almost to a new decade of numbers! Anyway, ever wonder what people are thinking about while they're on the elliptical? I wonder if they're as weird as me. My mind tends to completely wander. So I figured I'd do:
Thirteen Things I Think About While Working Out At the Gym

1. Ooh. Yikes. Spandex and a muscle tee. Not a good look. And it's always on that older guy trying to look buff and cool. Why is that?

2. My underwear is inching up. No, underwear, no! Stay where you are! Stubborn underwear! Ah, there. (Sure hope no one saw that.)

3. Something's wafting and it's not good. Shoot. Is it me? I put on deodorant. Didn't I? (inner panic setting in.)

4. I have to remember to call my mom back.

5. I wonder if I have time to get my eyebrows waxed after this.

6. I remember being 18 and looking like that. And I didn't even enjoy it! I thought I was fat! Boy to know then what I know now. Curse you, younger self!

7. Ugh. Five more minutes. Five. More. Long. Minutes. OK, that's only like one more song. Maybe a song and a half. OK I'll go till the end of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. It's "B". Jumbo Jet. I can't believe he didn't get that! Must. Keep. Going. Legs burning. Hey! You on the elliptical! Focus! Get it together! No one's going to work out for you! Dig Deep. Don't be a loser. Wimp! Work it. Work it! Work itttt!

8. I wish Poops wasn't born early. I always see this March of Dimes commercial and get choked up on the elliptical. Must look away. No crying during the workout! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!

9. Someone left the cake out... in the rain! I don't think that I can take it! Cause it took so long to bake it! And I'll never have that recipe againnnnnnnn! Oh nooooooooooo! This song really rocks out! After the slow part.

10. Mamamia, I wish my thighs didn't rub together. Mine could be siamese twins. Look at hers. They look like they've never even met. How can that be?

11. Did I pay my student loan this month?

12. Ooh, next week I can do 13 of my favorite words. Or I can do 13 books that should never have been movies. Or 13 reasons I love the holidays. Or 13 things that will be on my Thanksgiving table. Yipes! I'm addicted to Thursday 13! All I do is think in terms of lists!!!

13. This feels good. Got a good sweat going here. I should definitely do this more often. I'll come back tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after. I'm motivated, now, baby. No one can stop me! I'm even getting up early on Thanksgiving to workout. (Picturing husband laughing in my head). Well maybe the day after. After shopping of course.

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Mama Duck said...

Ha ha ha, maybe I should go to the gym..... Happy TT!

factor 10 said...

I am so with you on # 6!
#10 just made my day...siamese twins...LOVE IT!

Shoshana said...

Ha ha ah. I promised myself not to go to the gym until my baby is done breastfeeding. It seems to make my milk disturbing to him when I exercise....

I do walking, but everytime I walk a 15 minute-mile, screaming he goes.

So it will be a stroll...stroll for 5 miles. Good thing my husband's walking with me.

I can't wait to go to the gym, but I'll also be sad because it means I'll be done with breastfeeding forever and ever.

Goofy Girl said...

Hahah, very cute list! My pants always ride up on me!!

Happy TT!

Connie T. said...

You are so silly. It's funny..the crazy stuff you think of at the gym. I remember being that way on the treadmill. No gym for me these days (no sitter). So, I've resorted to running/walking and I've recently pulled out the old Taebo tapes. It's amazing how Billy can still motivate me the same way he did 7 years ago when I first got the tapes. One day he's going to get me in that bathing suit looking like a Top Model..one day!

Jenny Ryan said...

Wow-it's like you read my mind! :D

Melissa said...

It's amazing the things your mind wanders around when you're busy sweating off the pounds. Congrats on the 10 and here's to non-smelly workouts in the future!

13 Reasons I'm Thankful for my Mom

N. Mallory said...

You crack me up!

Happy TT!

Kukka-Maria said...

Ha! I was on the elipical last night thinking the same "5 long minutes" thing. Fortunately, no men in muscle tee and spandex.

I think your next TT should be Thirteen Ideas for Thursday Thirteens.

Mine is up. I couldn't keep to 13, so I doubled it. Twenty-Six Reasons I Will NOT Be Attending the TomKat Wedding in Italy.

Blond Girl said...

OK, you WIN! I've been out visiting T13s for an hour now and yours made me laugh the MOST. LOVED EVERY WORD!
and I don't even work out at the gym, though I should.

You're wonderful! My T13 is up. It's not funny, but it is a photo tour of my home. :-)

MommyBa said...

It's great that you have time to work out!!!

happy weekend!

DKRaymer said...

Just stopped by to welcome you to the TTer's. Love your list - Margaret Thatcher cracked me up! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and drop by my blog anytime!