"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Friday, November 10, 2006

King Midas

It's been quite a week. I feel like King Midas. Except everything I touch turns into the opposite of gold. Isn't that life though? I've found that when you have a lot of good non-eventful weeks back-to-back, stuff tends to happen in a big combo-platter so you can have a few more good non-eventful weeks before stuff happens again. Like today. Got my keys now, as you know, after I threw them out earlier this week. Went out to the car this morning. Won't start. Isn't that just great. Dead car in the driveway. I'm sure it's probably battery related and probably no big deal. Just convenient, you know. Then, I'm opening up low-fat cheese slices to put on our veggie burgers and I notice all these little specks of something. So I pick one out. Hmm. Clear. Hard. Unusually sharp. Glass? Yep, tiny, tiny shards of glass sprinkled throughout all of the slices. At least, I'm pretty sure it's glass. I melted one slice just to see if maybe it's some weird hard fat or something in the cheese, but the specks survive the heat and don't melt and they're still sharp. Anyway, I've already eaten two slices so who knows what that means. I'm hoping they're too small to do any damage. I called the company. They're sending me coupons. Yippee. Even though I told them I won't be buying that particular brand again. Hopefully we will have no incidents related to my find, but it's funny how now that I think I may have consumed glass particles, I have all these imaginary pains because when something gets in my head that I can't seem to forget about, I have all these crazy thoughts of what could be happening. Hopefully, me and my insides will survive the weekend (haha), and I'll have a car to drive keys and all. I'll just hit "refresh" and start over on Monday. Till then I'll just sit here and make cinnamon buns for our new neighbors. The good news is, it's date night. So we'll be taking our minds off any of our little annoyances with a good bottle of wine. Sweet.


janice said...

COUPONS?!?! Like you ever want to buy their cheese again!!! Good grief!

Tell them you have a blog and you are going to tell the world!!! LOL

I eat veggie burgers with low fat cheese slices too - all the time!! We are food sisters! :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

YIKES!!! Glass in your cheese! That really sucks.

(btw, I love veggies burgers and fat free cheese slices too!)

MommaM said...

MAYBE you were eating tiny shards of GOLD, Ms. Midas?

WOW! I would be really ticked. COUPONS? That's crazy. Let's see, this customer is calling and complaining of glass shards in her cheese. Let's send her coupons for MORE free glash shard embedded cheese. SHEESH!

amy said...

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