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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Family Suitcase

I've learned a lot of things this weekend. The most useful is that the "family suitcase" does not work. At all. We were headed to Atlanta for my Godson's birthday party and I thought it was a great idea to pack one huge suitcase full of mine, Evan's and the baby's stuff instead of packing three bags. Plus I thought it would save space in the car. I couldn't have been more wrong. By the end of the first night, we didn't know whose clothes were whose or where anything was at all, so it looked like our suitcase threw up on the floor. Then, we start yelling at each other because no one can find anything and we feel like we're in complete disarray for the whole weekend. And of course, I pack it all up the day we leave and hope for the best that I'm not leaving anything behind. And of course, I do. Anyway, the birthday party was the cutest thing ever. It was a superhero party at an interactive kids museum, that looked like a village inside with all sorts of shops and everything is hands on. A grocery store with stocked shelves (boxes only and plastic fruit, and I look over and see my Godson packing up all his own "groceries". So cute.) A hair salon complete with wigs, a dentist office with chair and tools, doctor's office, even Tom the Turkey (an older guy wearing a turkey outfit and tights and when he didn't see any kids looking, would sit and drink his coffee and read the paper.) All the little kids had capes and superhero masks, and Poops wore an eye mask and looked like Jack Jack from the Incredibles. I would have pictures posted, but guess what I forgot in Atlanta? The cable to hook up the camera.

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