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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sitting Up

A friend of mine said to me how funny it was that one minute babies can't do something and the next day they can. It's so true. Last week, Poops could only sit up for a second before wobbling and falling over. I'd sit him up between my legs and he'd teeter and collapse. The next day, he would sit for a few minutes longer. Now, he doesn't fall at all, he just hangs out looking at the world from this whole new point of view. And he never wants to lay down at all now, he's way too interested in everything sitting up. This is cool for me too, I'm excited about the whole new world of high chairs at restaurants, sitting up in the shopping cart, and hopefully ditching that infant carrier soon! That thing's getting heavy.

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Harry said...

Laaaaaast poooost did not work, Here goes, enjoy these times and cherish the moments,before you know he'll bring some one home in his new world to meet you.