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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #4

Last week I did 13 things I couldn't live without.. so to make it fair and balanced I figured I'd do:
13 things I'd REALLY LOVE to live WITHOUT.
  1. Those gross Lamisil commercials. I've become a letter writer in my old age and I've actually written a strongly worded letter to the makers of Lamisil because of those gross little fungus cartoon men digging underneath a dilapidated nail. They always seem to come on during breakfast. Why, Lamisil, Why???? I gag at the very thought. Of course, they never got back to me, but I can sit here and think that I've stood up for myself and other grossed-out viewers in some small way.
  2. Campaign commercials. Sigh. I'm so sick of these things. They have no purpose and there's no way one can possibly find the "truth" in any of them. Thankfully, less than one more week of them. Till next year, anyway.
  3. B.O. I guess it would be nice of me to think of this as "natural". Some people even think it's "beautiful". But I can't lie. I don't. I go through great pains to ward off B.O. I use deodorant, perfume, lotions, bath salts, body wash, etc etc. and I wish everyone did.
  4. Someone's dog pooping in our yard. Our neighborhood has a lot of dogs, so I can't pinpoint the culprit. But it's happened three times now, and I'm on the lookout!
  5. Confrontation. Oy Veh do I stink at this. If I know in advance that I may have a confrontation, I get all stressed out and I get a headache and I get nauseous. And if the confrontation is a surprise, I spend the rest of the day thinking about what I should have said. Confrontation makes me so uncomfortable and my whole day is ruined after one.
  6. Presents. Believe it or not, (and husband, this isn't one of those things that I am saying that I don't really mean, I swear!) I don't need any presents. I've got my music (I-Pod), my family, my health, and as Jack said during the hoity toity dinner in Titanic "the air in my lungs." My family and I keep talking about doing something fun and skipping presents altogether for Christmas, and I really think we should follow through on that one year. That would rock. Memories are the best presents.
  7. My cell phone. I wish it were acceptable to use only in emergencies. I don't answer the phone when I'm with spending time with other people or when I'm doing something, and it really pisses people off. (Sorry!) But I try to spend as little time on it as possible, even though I don't do as good a job of that as I'd like. But I remember the days when it was actually considered rude to talk on the phone while other people were around and my mom would yell at me, "Get off the phone you have company!" And I remember when you couldn't be reached, except through the answering machine and you could return phone calls when you got a chance. I miss that.
  8. Spiders. My all-time biggest nemesis and would you believe we moved into a house that once had what one might call an infestation of them!? We've had the bug man come out and we have since taken our house back from these eight-legged intruders. But I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about them.
  9. Scary movies. I stress out a lot in my life just on my own, so purposely inviting stress into my life is something I don't like to do, i.e. watching scary movies. Some people live for them. Like my cousin. I watched Scream and couldn't shower with my eyes closed for a week.
  10. Lack of motivation. Wouldn't it be so great if motivation came in big jars that you could buy an endless supply of? I guess some people could theoretically call that "coffee."
  11. Wallpaper. Our house was covered in it when we bought it. The doors, the light sockets, the walls, everything. I truly believe that if we ever wanted to get our children back one day when they inherit our home, we will cover it in wallpaper. (MWAHAHAHAHA) (evil laugh.)
  12. Unhappy people or negativity. I love having a good time. I love laughing so hard my stomach hurts and I almost pee. My husband reduces me to laughing fits and that's one reason I love him so much. There are just too many things that are "Debbie Downers" in life to be around miserable people too, so I love to surround myself with people who can find "the funny" in life, and take it all in with a smile.
  13. Hangovers. They can ruin a perfectly good buzz.

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Missy said...

I despise the campaign commercials! And all the signs in yards. ARGH!!

Sally said...

What a great list! I'm so with you on all of them, especailly the campaign commercials and cell phones. As great as they are when I really need to get ahold of someone, they can be sooo annoying!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i can happily say i have no wallpaper in my house at all!
i'm doing the tt this week too.

kailani said...

I'm not good at confrontations either. I avoid them at all costs!

Tess said...

thank you Lord for soap and water.

great list! :)

Chelle Y. said...

Hey, we have great taste! We used the same banner!


Tracie said...

I am such a letter writer--it is scary! But I have never written one to Lamosil--but maybe if we all did the horrid little commercials would go away......hmmmm it is an idea!

ribbiticus said...

great list! soap & water, yes! my tt's up! ;)

Shoshana said...

Good list...really good!

My T13 is up here.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I could definitely live without campaign commericals. Great list!

Happy TT, mine are up :)

AnnaMary said...

I TOTALLY agree about the cell phone thing but I think we are the only two people who do that! I forgot it was Thursday!! I have to scramble now!

Michelle said...

Lamisil! LOL!
I have yet to find someone who said "I'm great at confrontation." course those people maybe don't have many friends.
And presents: we don't exchange gifts at christmas. Something we agreed to do since we were first married. His family had a harder time to accept this, but it only took ONE year of us reciving gifts and them none until they understood. Talk about STRESS REDUCER!

Sparky said...

nice list. Im sick of the commercials and hangovers are to be dreaded.

Robin said...

I totally understand how you feel about the Lamisel commercials. I'm the same way with those awful mucus commercials. The make me feel gaggy.

Robin said...

Lamosil! Gads, I can't believe I misspelled that so badly. I apologize.

Cece said...

OMG I hate those Lamisil commercials! The green guys really gross me out. That & the Musinex commercials. *gagging*

N. Mallory said...

OK With my belief that wallpaper is the sign of the devil...#11 cracked me up. :P

I'm so with you on the confrontation front. I hate them. Make me ill.

Ooo, and the cell phone thing too! There's a guy here at work who's gotten a new cordless headphone for his workphone and he thinks it's "cool" to walk around with it on his ear all of the time. We make fun of him to his face and I've told him it's poor etiquette to be talking to someone and interrupt to take a call, but he doesn't care. He wears it into the bathroom too. ick.

Blond Girl said...

What a great list! I found you by clicking on a trail of T13's, but I think I'll have to come back. Love it.

Let's see; I agree with you wholeheartedly on the BO thing. It's not natural, it's nasty. Especially if you've ever had to take public transportation in the summer heat sitting near a "natural" passenger -worse yet if he or she is a drinker to boot.

As for scary movies, I could care less if another one was never made. I hate them.

Oh, and wallpaper made me laugh. I am allergic to wallpaper paste, so I am guaranteed to always own homes with the latest in painting techniques and no paper on my walls!

My T13 is up.