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Monday, November 13, 2006

My Heroes

When my mom loves a TV show, she takes ownership of it and says things like "I have to watch 'my house' tonight". Meaning, of course, the show House. Recently, she fell in love with the show "The Unit", so she says very matter-of-factly "Oh, I have to watch my Unit tonight" . Which leaves me and Evan to snicker on the side like Beavis and Butthead, "Ha Ha, she said unit".

Anyway, that's a sidenote, and has nothing to do with my new favorite show in the whole world "Heroes"!!!!!! Which is now "My Heroes" to me. Can I just say how much I LOVE that show with a capital LOVE? Earlier on, I hadn't really decided what I thought of it, I knew it had potential but as you may remember, I had quite an extensive lineup already and I wasn't sure if it was worth the add-on. Since then, quite a few shows have dropped off my radar and I've been able to seal off a spot for Heroes, and rightfully so because we had been taping it and I accidentally had the TV on during the 3rd episode when I decided right there it was a keeper. So I caught up. And now it's starting to move and really get good and I'm so gleefully excited that we're soon going to find out if the cheerleader's dad is actually a bad guy or not, and what is the deal with the single mom, I guess she's an evil character after all? And what about the guy who makes things combust? This show is so cool! Anyone watching?? SAVE THE CHEERLEADER SAVE THE WORLD!
NBC has the episodes online if you want to check it out.. Here's last weeks: (Hiro also has a blog on nbc.com, it's pretty cool)

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