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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wax On Wax Off

So, the eyebrow wax I briefly mentioned on Friday. This isn't really a review, but more of a tale of the follies that followed my attempt at waxing. In sum, not the best $3.99 I've ever spent but I guess in the end it worked, and it was, after all 4 bucks. The ladies who usually do it at my nail place, and pretty much anywhere I go, usually take too much off and I walk out with skinny, blond strips of eyebrows that are almost invisible to the naked eye. But the Peter Gallagher look doesn't work for me either so I decided to do it myself this time. I got Gigi's non-tweeze microwaveable blue wax and you microwave it for a minute but a minute didn't do it for me, by the time I was done cookin the stuff it was 5 minutes and the wax was all over the rim and running down the side of the bottle from trying to mix it in between nukes. So there I was, sitting at my kitchen table where I get the best light, using my compact mirror, applying the stuff to my eyebrows with the little plastic paddle they give you and I'm battling the long stringy strands of wax that connect the paddle to the place on your eyelid where you've just applied the wax and it simply won't break, so I had these big patches of blue wax on my eye with long strands of wax hanging off of them. The wax doesn't really spread evenly, either. Once it's there, it's there. So there were these big blobs of wax, the kind that look like they've just sealed an envelope on my eyelids. I was a vision, people. And bugger! Do they hurt to pull off! I think it's much better pain-wise when a different person does it, that's usually a "pull it off quickly like a band-aid" kind of pain. This, however, was a pull it off, but not all of it will come off at the same time-kind of pain, so it was a nice, slow, torturous ripping. Then little pieces of wax were left all over my eye and stuck in my eyebrow, and it also got all over my fingernails, and none of it would come off. And somehow, I have no idea how this happened, but two days later, I spotted three little blue specks on the couch where the wax seems to have made its way, and that's clear across the room! Note to self: blue wax does not come off microfiber suede. Anyway, my eyebrows do look spectacular, I must say. But it was quite an ordeal for just for an eyebrow waxing. Good thing it wasn't a bikini wax.


Robin said...

Girl just pay the bucks and get it over with! This is something that I struggle with daily..have to pluck DAILY. Once a month I get the wax..I cry like a baby when she rips the strips off. It is so horrible, but seriously, I'm the only one crying. I don't see other women crying..just me. Then I resemble someone who is sunburnt, just in the eyelid area for about the next six hours. But in the end, it is worth the not having to pluck at least for a week.
Oh being a woman..

AnnaMary said...

ohmygosh, I'm cringing while reading this. Yawoozer!