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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter, everyone!! The Easter Bunny brought Poops an Easter basket with a cute little chick that he grabbed and hugged and loved. I love that he's starting to show cute little baby emotions. This time last year we could only give him a tiny bunny that sat in his incubator. He looks like such a big boy now I can't even believe it. What I've learned this year: no grass in the Easter basket for a 1 year old.

We had a nice breakfast and headed up to my mom's for ham, sorry Anna Mary! But we did freeze you a dish so you can have some when you come down this week! Ham for you! (Ham is my sister's favorite food. She was a vegetarian when she was 10 and the only meat she would eat was the diced ham on the Wendy's salad buffet back when they used to have one. Her vegetarian phase was brief.) I digress. My parents bought him this:
Sidenote: I've been anti-sweater-vest most of my life, and I don't know what happened, but I just had to have this one for his Easter outfit. I bought it weeks ago while looking for boys Easter-wear. Which, by the way, there is none. There are TONS of cute little Easter dresses that I drool over and purses and shoes, but no cute little boy Easter stuff. But I loved this outfit. I am still mostly anti-sweater-vest, but I liked this one.
So now I am sitting here, all Eastered-out, with ham-belly, in my pajamas, wearing my new Peeps socks that my Aunt Carol gave me. Thanks Aunt Carol! Told you I'd wear em!! What a fit! (love Peeps.) OOh, also I forgot how much I lurrrrrve black jelly beans!! Had a whole bunch of those too. Yum.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Thank you to everyone who left me an e-mail or comment about my pregnancy worries. You are all wonderful! Things have become increasingly better and I think things are still very much in active working order. I am definitely still pregnant because I continue to get migraines and nausea and unbelievable exhaustion, but I will take it! And like it! And not complain one peep! I am calling the doctor to follow up just for my own sanity but I am quite sure everything is fine. But for now, I'm going to focus on the funnest 1st birthday party ever, which is next weekend already, and for which my sister is flying down for and maybe we'll get to steal away and see that Will Ferrell male-pair figure skating movie. Happy Easter to everyone! Especially you, Old Man! We miss you over there in Iraq! The countdown to come home is on!!!


AnnaMary said...

Finally!!! I've been BUSTING all day waiting for pictures of poops on his first Easter!! (I think I've checked the blog 105 times today) He is the cutest ever!!

While you were eating ham, I painted, and gardened, and painted some more, and re-arranged my furniture then ate Chinese. Old faithful for those Christian holidays when everything is closed! I was waiting for them to come out with a duck. Head and all...haha

Stine said...

Hello! Sorry I haven't been in for some time - so happy for you and your new pregnancy!
Hope you had a good Easter too, and that everything is still progressing as it should.
And I've tagged you... Hope you don't mind!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Very cute picture of Poops with the his Easter treasures! And I love the Peeps socks :) Glad you had wonderful Easter.
Hope you are feeling well. Prayers going out for you.