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Friday, April 06, 2007

A Day at the Beach

We took Aidan to the beach this week! He loved it so much more than I thought he would, I swear, we are so going all the time after this!!! Can you believe I live 20 minutes from the beach and never go? Shame on me! We went on Wednesday afternoon around 4. It was still hot but the sun wasn't beating down nearly as hard. But of course I slathered him with sunblock anyway all over, especially his bald head, but he ended up miraculously keeping the hat on anyway. We were there for a couple of hours, just soaking it in. Poops loved his shovel and kept eating sand (gross). And then who knew, but there was actually drama at the beach, and this is something I swear you don't see every day. There was a blanket of spring breakers who were imbibing just a bit a couple blankets down from us, and one of the girls was starting to raise her voice a little and using some profanity, a little "f-this" and "f-that" flying around, and I've never been to the beach as a mom but there were a lot of family blankets around us and we were all looking at each other like, "some mouth" cause we all had kids running around (mine was crawling around of course). And I saw a man walk over to the girl and I turned to my mom and laughed a little and said "Uh oh, a daddy's going over to tell her to put a lid on it" and we were snickering about it so we both turned around to watch him saying something to her. Well, then this is where it gets strange, she yells at him something like "f-off" and he, with both hands, grabs her around the neck and starts choking her! Our mouths are dropped open at this point and our first instinct is to go over and help but there are guys in the girl's group so the guys go over there and try to pull the man off her, but then he grabs her hair, and she's flailing back at him, and he's biting her and at one point trying to twist her leg! It was unbelievable! Before we knew it, there was a huge tangle of limbs and at the bottom of it was this man and this girl! This man was at least 50, portly, very tan, and was there with his wife and teenage daughter. I wanted to go over to this little girl and give her my phone number because this HAS to be what goes on at home! I want to save her!! Oh this was awful. What man would do this??!!!! When it was all over, the man started packing up his things along with his family, and a large group of males (most of them just onlookers to this display) started forming a border around him, because not a single one of them was going to let him go before the police came. And they eventually did, and they took him away. I wonder if he was actually arrested, he should have been! Crazy guy.


AnnaMary said...

I LOVE the smiley picture!!!!!!!!! I want to squeeze him!!

ps. the first one is so cute too, but now that I've spotted the foot in the background, I can't focus on anything else! hahahahahah

Skittles said...

What that man did was so way overboard!!! Gives me shivers just to think of someone with that much rage inside!!! I hope he did get arrested.

The pictures are so adorable. :)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

It looks so beautiful and warm! Glad you had a good day, despite the drama going on!

Thanks for your kind comments on my post this morning. It really helped!!


Connie T. said...

The pictures are too cute! I miss the beach. So, I put a sandbox in our backyard for him. It's as close to the beach as we can get for now. He loves it. Yes he eats the sand too, and he likes putting rocks in his mouth.
Yes, that man is crazy. He should have been arrested.

Bankerchick said...

Aiden is just adorable and he is having so much fun. I hope you won't let the incident at the beach keep you away. I would hope the guy did get arrested. Maybe this incident will help his wife and daughter to seek help as his rage is being acted up at home and they are both suffering.

Jenmomof4 said...

Happy Easter!