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Sunday, April 29, 2007


So that whole spotting thing ended up lasting about 2 1/2 weeks. How annoying! I called the doctor when it first happened and she said wait it out and see if you miscarry (which was just the most comforting thing you can ever hear). Then I called again a few days later when it continued, but it was much less. They said that was good. Fast-forward to a week later, still going, but not that much, just there, and still. So I went in for another sonogram and ship-shape! Things were going swell and they even found the source of the bleeding which was the placenta digging into my uterus. We say the baby just made a "hard landing." So with a big sigh of relief last week and a few happy tears, I went merrily along on my way hoping I could continue my normal workouts that I'd been asked by the doctors to postpone until the spotting stopped. Now finally it has stopped (now officially day 7 of no spotting) and I call gleefully to hopefully return to working out, but no, not until next week's appointment for another check.

Um. I can just feel myself getting fatter. Good news is the scale has not moved. But my cravings are becoming increasingly unhealthy (fettuccine alfredo, fish sticks, eggs benedict) and red alarms are going off all around me and I have to offset them! I have to get to the gym! Stat! I feel like all my progress is rapidly deteriorating. Yes, I could just try and ignore these cravings of mine and substitute healthier options, but what fun would that be? Besides, there is nothing that I want to eat. I am so hungry but I am not in the mood for anything. Ever. And I hate things like chicken (for now) and pork. So when I finally find something I am willing to eat without gagging the whole time, I find the need to obey my hunger. That usually means some sort of ridicu-carb. I guess if I'm looking at things in the cup-full type of way, at least I'm wayy less into ice-cream than I was last time around. Does that count? I am so looking forward to the beginning of the 2nd trimester in a couple weeks when I get so much energy it's like I'm on a never-ending supply of Red Bull. And the healthy stuff sounds much more appetizing.


scribbit said...

How scary, but good to hear all's well. Bleeding is never a good thing.

Connie T. said...

I'm glad everything is okay. I hated chicken the whole time I was pregnant with David. So, I know how you feel. Give into those cravings. That's one of the perks of being pregnant.

Robin said...

Just let the fat happen girlfriend :) That was the best part of being pregnant, not worrying about what you eat. It is the one time in a woman's life we can just let go of that...
Glad you are OK! That whole uterus digging into the placenta thing sounds pretty painful!
Too bad I can't do a photo shoot with poops! LOL
my next career!

Sparky Duck said...

nice job by the doc to soothe your fears by the way