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Monday, April 23, 2007

My Heroes

I should be napping right now because I'm exhausted and my eyes are closing involuntarily, and the little tantrum-thrower is sleeping soundly. But I'm blogging. Because I cannot contain my excitement for the season of Heroes starting again tonight and I have one main request to you, Heroes producers, directors, staff and actors: Please do not kill Peter Petrelli!!! He's my favorite character and last season we left him mid-scene with the bad guy, Sylar, beginning to saw his skull open in order to kill him and take his superpowers. Yes, it's gross, and if it's as gross tonight, I will have to watch some puppies and kittens frolicking across the tv screen afterward so I can sleep nightmare-less. My theory is that Peter will use one of his superpowers to become invisible and disappear, thus confusing Sylar, and saving the Indian professor who's pinned to the ceiling with an arrow, then using another superpower to take the professor and FLY FLY! If you're not a Heroes watcher, does this not intrigue you?????? Literally the most brilliant, genious show I have ever seen in my life. I am borderline obsessed.

So I will try and squeeze off a nap until I hear Poops stirring in the monitor. He has actually been a lot less tantrummy since the weekend and for that, I am quite thankful. Maybe he's getting over his bottle breakup. Maybe that was it, and he's done with tantrums now! Hey, everyone needs a fantasy.

Heroes. Tonight. NBC. 9PM!

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Robin said...

Hey girlie-
catching up! Sounds like you have a case of terrible twos, coming on strong! Just in time for the threes, which were honestly much worse at my house than two. What happens to our sweet little snuggly babies? They become scary, unrecognizable creatures..but I assure you, on the other side, he will come out a sweet, loving little boy!
Sounds like you are progressing smoothly on this one!
Good to be back!