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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Magnet of Joy

I have another aversion this pregnancy and it's to Paula Abdul. I wish I could fast-forward through her comments, which is what I usually do when we miss the show and have to watch it on our dvr. But watching it live I have to cringe and cower behind my ice cream on the couch when she opens her mouth. Her comments are exactly what Randy says, but with odd, nonsensical phrases, beeps and clicks thrown in. Like calling Jordin a "magnet of joy" or telling Melinda Dolittle that every song she sings has a "beginning, middle and an end." Umm. I especially hate when she gets up and dances during a performance because I think a judge should judge and I think she has gone way off the deep end somewhere after season 2. Maybe I'm being too hard on Paula, but I've been holding this in for at least 4 seasons and I just have to let it out.

Summary of "Tony Bennett Night":
Blake had a little George Michael "Wake me up before you go-go" thing going with "Mac The Knife" and it made me scared and sad. The judges seemed to like him though. Whenever there's skipping and snapping of fingers accompanied by that 80's jig, it's not good for me, dawg. Chris and his Derek Jeter eyes, I liked, of course. I do not have a secret crush on him. I predict top 5 in his future. Melinda finally didn't look surprised by her good performance! She rocked out as usual. Oh, Phil, (Dr. Evil) with no hat on this week (wah), wear the hat next week, I'll be your best friend! Great voice as usual but the song was so slow I thought the episode was going to last well into tomorrow morning. But he did tug at my heart strings after getting ravaged by the judges when he said, "I was just trying to focus on my wife during the song", which by the way was a realllllllllllllly slooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww version of "Night and Day".

Jordin, Gina and Lakisha were great. Haley had the stripper/showgirl thing going on. Oh Sanjaya. I'm sure you know by now that Sanjaya, paired up with the Paula-dancing, was just a sheer moment of joy for me. Anyway, because we should consider Sanjaya a fixture on this show, I will have to agree with the husband's prediction for this week's bottom two: Phil and Haley.


Irish Church Lady :) said...

I get sick of Paula's comments. So predictable.

Robin said...

OMG..I totally say the same things to my hubby about Paula. She has nothing original to say..she ALWAYS says exactly what Randy says. Bizarro. I hate when she stands up and waves her arms back and forth. Or sticks her finger in her mouth while trying to think of something not so original to say. She always looks like she is about ready to cry.
Why why why must they try to make these young people sing Tony Bennett?

Sparky Duck said...

Paula has become a fun train wreck to watch though. And I like Haley's stripper act, surprise, surprise.