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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Wrapper's Delight

My favorite part of Christmas shopping is having all of the gifts you bought in one big fat pile in the corner of your bedroom, then pulling it all out into the living room and wrapping it all. {shudder} The task is quite daunting in my head. Thankfully, it's not Christmas Eve when I've been known to wrap all my gifts until the wee hours of the morning. It always seems like much less than it is, and then 4 hours later, you're thinking, did I really buy this much? And it takes about 5 seconds to unwrap it all the next day, and you think, didn't I buy more than this? Anyway, just the fact that Christmas is still 5 days away means I'm way ahead of the game. Evan and I are planning a wrapping party tonight. Of course, we're the only ones on the guest list, except our very special VIP guest: a bottle of Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir. Cheers!


AnnaMary said...

What? Wait!!! Our last minute Christmas Eve wrapping bonanza, OK, not really bonanza, nearly became a tradition!!!

Who doesn't love wrapping all night after midnight mass than waking up at 8am to start cooking! :)

Robin said...

Yummy, I'll come down and help you wrap! I too, hate wrapping gifts..it's such an ugly task. I especially hate when I wrap a gift two seconds before I even give it.
Wine + wrapping? Not a bad idea!