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Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Day-a little belated

A little late out of the starting gate for the Christmas Day post, but you know how it is, the next day completely exhausted and spending the entire day after Christmas in pajamas only to shower at 8 pm and change into a new pair of pajamas. Oh. That's just me? Bugger. My motivation has been at a standstill since Christmas, really. And I had such high hopes for getting stuff done the week after Christmas! Oh well. Anyway, Christmas morning, Poops was getting pretty good at eating the wrapping paper i mean opening his own presents, he got the little people farm from santa and a bunch of books and some other fun toys.

Then we went to my parents' house where Santa made a very special stop to see all the little boys (we have no girls in our family, it's pretty funny especially because all of us girls are really girly girls and we have an entire team of baby boys. It's ironic, I know, but boy do we love our boys!). Below is Santa! And you probably can't see it, but those bells he's holding up are actually caught in his beard which could have been disastrous but thankfully it wasn't.
That's little Anthony with Poops, he's about a month older and the cutest little thing ever! He has the tiniest mouth and he reminds me of that little old man who dances around in the Six Flags commercials. There were three other little boys hiding in the wings who wouldn't go near Santa, but they did love the presents. A good time was had by all. LOVE the fake fireplace in the corner. Santa did such a good job! We hope to make this one of our new traditions.

And here it is! The Christmas Babyfest 2006!

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Robin said...

How stinkin cute are they?! We only have girls in our family, no boys at all! I have twin nieces and then my two girls..so, it was a total girlie girl Christmas! This is my SECOND day in jammies ALL day this week. :) Who CARES!!!
Hope your holidays are merry!