"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller

Friday, December 15, 2006

Old Skeletons

I just wrote on someone else's blog that some of my best posts happen when I start with a blank page and have absolutely nothing to write about. Today is not one of those days. It doesn't help that my mind is equally as blank as the page. I can write about how excited I am for VH1's Best Year Ever that's on tonight. Or how Heroes got nominated for a Golden Globe (sweet!). Anyone who hasn't seen that show should find the re-runs on the Sci-Fi channel and watch them and don't be afraid of "Sci-Fi" channel like I would if I heard someone say 'watch the re-runs on Sci-Fi' because when I think of Sci-Fi, I usually think of over-the-top trekkies. This show is not really Sci-Fi. I say this because when I told my friend she should watch the re-runs on Sci-Fi, she got all weird when I mentioned Sci-Fi channel, and then I realized I might have too if I were her.

Isn't it great when after a million years, people just happen to waltz back into your life again? I heard my name while I was in the meat section of the grocery store the other day and turned around and there was a friend of mine from college that I hadn't seen it, gosh it has to be 11 years. That makes me feel old. She happens to live in the same apartment complex as my Mother-In-Law, about 3 blocks from my house! And I was excited comboed with a little scared when I met up with her again because she was a great and very fun friend, but boy did we get into a lot of trouble back then, so it was like seeing all my skeletons at the same time, staring at me in the meat section of Publix! And I'm so much less reckless now (I'm someone's mom!) and it makes me remember all the crazy stuff we used to do. I know you're wondering what these things, but since blog posts could be admissable in court, I'll refrain from the details. I'm kidding, nothing illegal. It was wonderful that I was also unshowered after the gym, with mom hair and no makeup and I am a little plumper and certainly not wearing those little skimpy clothes I would have in my early 20's. But I'm excited about having run into her again because since moving back to Florida and having a baby, I haven't been super-sociable and a lot of my old friends have moved away, so I'm back at square one building friendships. We'll see what happens. Happy Friday! Off to the gym hoping to pull a nice sweaty workout out of a hat.


Robin said...

I totally know what you mean..when I see people that I have known from the past, I'm not sure whether to run and hide or face them head on. Living in a small town, this happens ALOT! People will say, "oh you look the same!" Ok, is that just being nice or a lie? Because I then think, wow, I've been through so much, lived so much life since we last saw each other..how can you even say that? Plus, I'm no 135 pounder now, like I was then.
You are linked now girlie, hope you don't mind. I've been looking for another blog to stalk, I have SO MUCH time you know! ha ha...
Looking forward to getting to know you!

TC said...

That is soo cool!

Some of my best blogs come out when I am really worked up over somthing.