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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Magical Baby

I'll continue Pottermania gladly with our weekly baby size update, which happens to be 13 1/2 inches, the size of this very special wand belonging to Professor Snape that I found online. Which means, magically, three more weeks until the beginning of the third trimester! Woohoo!And might I take this opportunity while I am at it, to say what an awesome book number 7 turned out to be! Action-packed from the very first page! My only regret is that I had to read it when I had little spurts of time, but boy would I have enjoyed it even more if I could sit there and read it for 10 hours straight without having to put it down and obsess over what was about to happen until I could pick it up again. Great book! Ms. Rowling has truly outdone herself this time! Feel free to air all your spoilers now, I finally know them all!


Robin said...

LA LA LA..still can't hear you..
I'm on page 500..
I was almost hesitant to read your post when I saw the picture!
ha ha
I'll finish soon, promise..
also reading Macro Social Work text book at the same time..very interesting stuff I'll tell ya!

Skittles said...

13 1/2 inches.. so cool!

I LOVED the last book!!!

ciara said...

I really love the little size comparisons...the hotdog was funny. but woohoo, third trimester! doesn't it seem like the last month is ALWAYS the longest though? lol